Experiment with drums

hi, after repeating the listening of the shamanic drums, something new happened last night, i start listening some females whispers, but also a chant with the drums, the chant sounds like a male ,and also some grwols but those growls didn’t remind me to any mammal predator, also a blur sound that somehow i feel like a soft and feminive (?) feeling.
because the other nights i feel the water flow , and the blur sound appear,
so i might need some help to understand who is trying to contact me when im listening the drums


I got this feeling that this must be Asmodeus. But it’s just my opinion, it can also be someone else. But as soon as I read this, his name popped up in my mind. :sparkles:

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hmmm, intesting, im trying to contact any god with the shamanic drums, but that chant last night was something new, but somehow the blur sound evoke me a femenive escence

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