Experiment: Visiting Master Sunham's Temple

Those here who have taken EA’s course on soul travel,

have you visited Master Sunham’s Temple?

Let’s do a little experiment. Don’t look at any other post except this one before describing your version of the Temple.

I am not going to post my perspective yet as I do not want to influence your’s.

This is so we can verify our experiences and to figure out whether we visited the correct objectifiable Temple.

Answer these basic questions:

a) What does the Temple look like from the inside?
b) Were there other entities besides yourself and the master?
c) What does the Master look like for you?

Let’s get started!

•I saw black a red, many lite dark color candels. Respecting the darker ones from the rainbow. Red pillars, that are smooth to the touch and the walls were black. No, art whatsoever.

•I saw Arcturians they blue skinned ones and a few white skinned humans from Spica.
•Tall, black, sporting a robe and beard. Red eyes like a lesser demon of lore.