Experiment, healing magic

Hello there, i made a ritual to help my cousin (Female) Magdalena she falled in kind of Depression, if anyone want help make A healing ritual pls and write here after u made it
And after every ritual i will ask my cousin how she feels.

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Work with Archangel Raphael, Archangel Jophiel, Prince Marbas and/or Queen Astaroth.

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Some here might help out of the goodness of their hearts, but generally, spell begging isn’t encouraged.

The gods held those who help themselves. I second a personal chat with Raphael.


I dont beg to be honest i made ritual with archangel Raphael with sigil, it worked will see how long, also im only inviting peoples if someone want to help me to get more and more energy she is young and i dont want to let Her destroy her live I will try to heal her alone but more hands to help- more power to help also thanks for helping with angels/demons and gods/goddess I will try it out

Also i talked to her to make A ritual but she is scared, can it be done in "party " like me and she doing ritual for her healing?

What you just did, by definition, is called “spell begging”. That’s just what it’s called in English on online occult forums.
It means asking (or “inviting” lol) people to perform or author spells/rituals/workings for you.

can it be done in "party " like me and she doing ritual for her healing?

You mean by a “3rd party” which is yourself? - yes. She doesn’t need to do anything.
When I said “the gods help those who help themselves” I meant you. You are the one that wants the work done, and done this way, so you are the best, most invested person to talk to Raphael and others.

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Oh, sorry for my bad English, ;D now I know what you meant;)