[EXPERIMENT] [BODY CHANGE] Get a bigger... (4/4) [CLOSED] [WIP]

I’m looking for four volunteers for a body-change experiment. Two male, two female (trans not excluded)

Since I’m still figuring out this magick, I’ll work with two groups, a ritual group and a control group. Nobody will be informed in which one they were until the experiment is over.

I’ll focus in breast-enlargement and penis-enlargement at the time being.

I’m going to speak in private with each volunteer and figure out what’s need to be figured out. Mostly, that you use the metric system.

The applicants will need to take accurate meassurement before the magick is done and keep track of progress -or lack of it- for the following weeks. Results will be posted publicly (no pics needed, we will take your word for it because I don’t want to see your dick)


I’ve managed to pull this one off recently. The girl is very happy with her new figure in both, breasts and butt. I need to take more notes on this before I move on to other things (eye color, waist, abs, etc).


1- You’ll give your feedback.
2- You’ll follow the procedure (which is quite simple and only requires you to keep measuring the affected areas in your body)
3- Four and no more than four applicants.
4- People in hormone treatment need not to apply.

If you can’t follow this rules, then this isn’t for you.


Hello i in for enlargement
The effect is temporary or permanent ?

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Hello, I want a place please!


Haha :joy: sounds crazy count me in I’m a boy

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I have no words for this. How is it possible to do this for someone, who you don’t even know or look like. I’ve only read so much on how faces of targets are the most important parts of cursing and stuff, but how can it be applied here?

I’m a boy count me in.:joy:

Fucking crazy! I’m a guy I want in!!!

@Aaron47_lucifer, @Muggie:

I’m sorry but all the spots for males are already filled.

One spot for female still available.

I have :man_shrugging:


Have you tried it for yourself bro ?

Can you please help me. Im male


The work for males has started already. I’ll finish it tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I still have one open spot for females. If it is not filled in the next 24 hours I won’t proceed with the breast enlargement section of this experiment.


I don’t know if I need bigger ones but if they get perky and bigger I am in.

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So… :upside_down_face:

All spots filled. Proceeding as intended.

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Any spot left for a boy I’m in

All of them filled.

Ok no problem :+1:t2:


Work for males completed. Tomorrow I’ll start the work for females.

@Thierry007 @Silverleaf


This sounds like an interesting experiment. Will you post your method here once it is completed?
If it is successful and you run another experiment in body change with a surplus fat reduction focus I would volunteer for that (hey, im a guy and if you do breast reductions as well as enlargements I would be in for that).

In all seriousness, this does sound interesting. I would suggest that a larger sample size (no pun intended) would produce a more reliable experiment, but I realise that you may be limited by time or energy if the ritual requirements are heavy.
How long will the experiment run for?
I am also wondering how conditions at the time of measurement are set or controlled? There are many size variations that occur naturally with changes in temperature, positioning and blood flow etc so pondering how you control for those? Or am I overthinking this?

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So its a one off ritual?

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For now, the purpose of the experiment is to understand the mechanics behind.

Breasts → Buttocks → Penis → Eye color → Waist & abs → weight loss → Baneful applications. That’s the intended order.

One-two months.

Yes. The aim is high enough so if it happens it can’t be a variable, just the magick. For example, at morning a person will seem taller than at night, but the margin is about 2 centimeters.

Is a shoot and forget type of magick, yes.