EXPERIMENT: Black Magick and Quantum Computing

Hello friends, lately I have been experimenting with the Fatum Bot as a tool for enhancing my craft. To those of you who have never heard of the Fatum Bot before, this website has everything you need to know about it: https://randonauts.com/user/wiki , there is more information on it on Reddit r/randonauts, along with numerous personal experiences, if this interests you, check it out.

So a little while ago, I preformed my first exorcism on a friend who had been possessed by a malicious entity for approximately nine years. It was very strong and was able to take full control of his motor functions at will. Normally that wouldn’t be an easy task to remove, but I decided I’d set the intention of doing a successful exorcism, and use the Fatum Bot to find the best place for that intent to be made manifest; it sent us out into the middle of a field, and long story short, it was removed and destroyed with surprising ease, and my friend has been fine ever since.

Within the past couple of days, I found that there are new features the Bot has that would benefit practitioners of the Occult Arts. Such as quantumly generating words from the dictionary; for example, I was thinking of the topic “The Qliphoth” while visualizing the tree, then the following words were generated:

earthdrake - earth dragon
well-lunged - strong lungs
solarism - sun worship
prepossessing - “tending to invite favor, confidence, esteem, or love”
Ornithosauria - an extinct flying reptile

As you can see, even though it was quantumly randomly generated, that’s too related to be mere coincidence, another time, I tried combining the word generator with the number generator, I was focusing on “something to enhance my craft” for both, so I googled both the word and the number in the same search, with quotation marks around both separately, and within the first five results, was a pdf of the Complete Enochian Dictionary. I have done numerous tests with this concept, so many I’m not going to list them here, as they are very personal, and extensive. Not all words will be accurate but sometimes all five will be, I have never received less than one correctly related word. Needless to say, I personally have found much value in this program.

Now you know my personal story about this, now for the experiment.

Try incorporating this program into your Magick, if you want, and see how it works for you. If you are interested in participating in this experiment, all you need is a mobile phone, download the “Telegram” app, then go to this website in your internet browser: Telegram: Contact @shangrila_bot , it’s free, and doesn’t contain any malware.

I ask that you record your results here if you decide to participate.

I hope this helps at least one person!


Im down. I was just thinking about how to incorporate things like quantum leaping
and reality picking (both of which I have nwver done anf have no clue how to do but I have read about it being done and wanted to try) into my workings. I really want to see what I’m capable of as well as what potentials there are available on this timeline.
Also Cool find and thank you for sharing.

Edit: which exact telegram app is it. I’m on Google play and they have a few. The first one is just a messaging app…
Edit edit…nevernind lmao that was the right app

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You can even have demons interact with you through the application as well:

Speak the demon’s enn or their name three times
Ask the demon a question, and request that it respond through the app
Type: /getintents
Press send
Thank the demon
Focus on your breath and being in the moment, and know that the response is coming

This works for virtually any question you could ask. However, try not to rely too heavily on it, remember, this should be approached as a tool, not a crutch.

I hope this helps!

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I smoke Ganja and invoke, when I do that I can quite literally peice together the smallest of things into archetypal journeys across timelines. Also you can see beyond the veil. You do things completely differently that are usually outside of normal calculations within your coding.


Cannabis is pretty great, makes energy work super easy, I’ve never tried invoking while using it, so I need to try that! I have, however, been on some intense vision quests with it, and it makes evocations as easy as merely thinking about the spirit. One time, Beelzebub revealed to me His true face while using the herb, it was transcendental!

I wonder what would happen if one were to combine the effects of cannabis with this quantum technology in its various ways? I’d be willing to bet that it would be next level!