Experiencing Time Differently

Is anyone else having the experience that all of the “moments” in our lives are now so meaningfully connected, that it feels like one moment rather than a string of finite moments? Like constant synchronicities, realizations, and omens happening along with the new understanding of previous events and relationships. Am I crazy or the only one?


These happen the more you dive into specific work. With the path of smoke i’ve noticed a massive increase in this which more than a few times has tied into what others doing the work are doing.

Was pointed out and happened a few times a week on the facebook group before it got hacked.


My body feels like it is humming again tonight. Just like the first time I did the ignition ritual. Trying to ground myself by watching the ‘Stros win the World Series.

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I tend to do a light staff workout barefoot to ground. If my mind strays to the work i just did, I’m likely to get a good whack as a result.

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Yeah rubber soles purposely stop us being grounded to mother earth!

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