Experiencing the Blue Pearl and various “sparkles“

Hey, so Ive been practicing lately and learned that for about 8-9 months, Ive seen what is called the blue pearl (I think). Its like a small blue dot, usually the size of a marble but sometimes is larger or smaller in size. The best way to describe it even more is like an after image of staring at a light but instead it just appears randomly to me somewhere in my physical vision. Ive also heard that seeing it means that at that moment, your 3rd eye is open and I wanted other peoples take on what it is Im seeing. The only other thing that I see with my physical vision like this is white, red or pink lights/stars/dots. Which usually are quicker and faster than the pearl at appearing. Its almost like looking at a star in the night sky in the complete wilderness but even a little brighter. I feel this may be spirits in my spirit family trying to get my attention or talk to me, but Ive still yet to master any solid form of 2 way communication and cant recognize which spirits theyd be. Is all of this normal though for magicians? Any feedback, thoughts or discussion on this or similar experiences people have had would be welcome :blush:


Hiya OP! That’s completely normal- what you’re seeing are the elemental ‘bits’ or building blocks of reality! They have less self awareness then even a basic elemental, but, the fact that you’re seeing them does tell that your Ajna is at least opening. :slight_smile:

Blue- Water
White- Air
Red- Fire
Pink- Air + Fire


I’ve stopped seeing those lately as I stopped working on magickal sight, but I’ll get into it soon.

Do these little buggers zip around? I remember seeing, a while back, a bunch of colorful wisps dancing around my floor while I was in the zone and listening to music. They just seemed to be playing or zooming around. They looked very colorful and always stayed low to the ground.


They can, yes! :slight_smile:


Keep up the great work! Awesome.