Experiencing intimacy and sensual feeling in physical sex like in astral sex

Is it possible to have the same experiences in physical sex?

Yes. It basically has to do with energy exchange and that is part of sex magick. where you can do things like cycling energy through yourself and your partner in one big circuit to achieve bliss.

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Can you recommend a good source of information about it?

Sex Magick by Donald Michael Craig

Sexual Sorcery by Jason Newcomb

Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit by Jason Miller.


So Darkestknight which one of the three do you think is the best I’m thinking about checking for PDFs and I donbread much as it is so I’m thinking of only one of the books. All my working is self thought and I’ve ad sone success I need to learn the actually techniques lol ahhh pride.

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I would go with Sexual Sorcery by Jason Newcomb.


Ty I’ll search or PDF now