Experiences with Yezelel and love?

I didn’t find any thread really documenting the details of Yezelel and love, so I was wondering did anyone have experience with him and reuniting with an ex/finding new love? Found his sigil

But unsure whether to draw the whole thing or the sign in the middle. Didn’t find any info on petitions, chants etc. I typed him into YouTube and found nothing either

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Damon Brand’s “The 72 Angels of Magick” is your best bet. That’s actually where that page you posted comes from. Lots of people claim to have had amazing results with it, it has actually become a darling of the occult community.

Buy the actual book from amazon, the digital version is very cheap. The authors in his circle claim to have laid a curse on anyone who downloads pirated copies of their works. Whether you believe that or not, the book is well worth buying and his work is worthy of proper support.

Best of luck with your magickal endeavours friend, let us know how it goes!

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