Experiences with the Rausis Method

No, I’m not going to list down any experiences I have had. I haven’t tried this yet becuase I just recently discovered this method. Have any of you had experiences or successes with this? I have to ask to avoid getting discouraged if I try and fail at it the first time. I tried looking up results but it seems that not many people now about this too. Much appreciation and many thanks.


Can you explain what it is? :wink:

Of course. It’s a lucid dreaming technique.

Not my words : The concept behind it is pretty straightforward. We can all relate of a time when an external noise was included in your dreams, right?
Like a phone ring, an alarm or someone simply calling us to wake up. This ability of your brain to incorporate external noise is what is being exploited. In laymans terms, when your body hears a noise in real life, your mind INSTANTLY incorporates that noise into the dream to make sense of it.

Full article here:

The author mentioned that it was tested on at least 10 people. About half achieved desired results on the first try and the rest after 2 to 3 more tries. I just want to know if this is true, or it’s just some nonsense theory that they “created” for attention or money.