Experiences with the demons of magick book

Hey Guys

Last night, I was doing the ritual 1 with gallery of magicks demons of magick book. I evoked king paimon and just wanna say a quick word about my experiences. During the entire ritual, I felt a sense of giddiness and almost a little high as soon as I started, I also a felt a little pressure in my third eye area. is this a good thing for a first poetic evocation ritual? curious to hear about other peoples comments


I had the same experience with ritual 1 and Seere!

There are lots of threads about that book. Please use the search feature :slight_smile:

Ritual one is called, petition “for results”, not petition for feeling spirits. It says clearly in the book that you may or may not sense anything at all, it’s completely irrelevant.

If you’re using Ritual two or three, that’s different because those are evocations and sensing the spirit is your main objective, that would mean the ritual was done successfully.