Experiences with Raum and Sirchade, and their thanks

What the title suggests.

The case with Raum is that, as you probably know, he is good in garnering the favor of those above you especially in financial situations. My mother wished to retrieve cash from her pension funds and the bank would not budge, they put us through a maze of legal requirements and bureaucratic bullshit. After much struggle we are about to meet with the bank’s director and a fifteen minutes before we talk, I catch myself daydream unvoluntarily. I am there as my mom’s legal support but my mind wanders off without context, without any real distraction, like say reading the advertisement booklets of the bank and pondering on that.

No, what I start thinking is of a ram’s skull, and the more I think of it I see a dark shape hiding behind it. The spirit introduces itself as Raum (in a single syllable, not Ra-Um, just “Raum”, like saying “RAM” but with a “u” in there). I ask of Him to help us and lo and behold, bakn director says he’s too busy to deal with us, but brings an employee and asks her to do whatever we asked. Mom got her money out with half the bullshit they were demanding from us. Later I found out that Raum manifests as a crow, exactly that smallish dark shape I could “see” behind the skull.

Now, as for Sirchade, I have asked his assitance many times before when dealing with stray animals or my own. So far He’s managed to make a baby bird fall asleep as I stared into its eyes, not a very difficult feat considering how these young animals quickly tire themselves out, but until I had not His help I just couldn’t manage to keep it calm. Other times he’s managed to calm down an aggressive pitbull at the veterinarian’s, the creature was getting out of control and his lanky owner, a careless stoner type, kept insisting that his murdermutt required not a muzzle or even a chain.

But this time? Sirchade performed a miracle.

There is this stray dog that rips the bags in our rubbish area, looking for food. I’ve tried feeding it a few times before but whatever I do it just runs away or growls. Well, I saw it again and with a heavy heart I ignored the animal, but whispered a quick prayer to Sirchade (the “ch” works as a “k”). Lo and behold, a drunk Russian emerges from the nearby Mcdonalds swearing profusely, and holding a plastic beer cup. Dude turns to me, gives me the middle finger and meets said stray dog midway, and they start growling at each other. As in, the dog does what’s natural, the Ruski dude makes a poor imitation of a dog’s growl (while sipping away at the cup).

Then he fights the garbage men until he manages to scare them away.

Then he rips the bags himself and sifts through for food, all the while the dog is still there, undaunted.

And then finally he buys him a 20 piece Mcnugget bucket, feeds them to the dog and walks away with it.

All in all a happy ending and I wish to think the Ruski has adopted it, as I haven’t seen the dog anymore. I hope he didn’t just fatten it, you know, for later. Sirchade appears if memory helps in the Pope Honorious’ grimoire but you can also find Him in Konstantinos’ “Summoning Spirits”, widely available as a .pdf everywhere online. To me he appears like a hunter with deer horns, but I cannot see his face, only sharp green eyes. Similar to Hircine from the Elder Scrolls game series. I guess He uses, much like many spirits, images that are familiar to you.

That is all, I hope you find Them helpful!