Experiences with poltergeists?

Has anyone here had any experience with poltergeist activity of any kind? Do you think that poltergeists are entities? And where do you think they come from (as in, how do they usually enter the lives of people to cause a ruckus; do people go to a “haunted” area and they follow them? Does performing magick or successfully using ouija boards attract them? Those are examples)?

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Kinda. When I was very little an entity that would fit the poltergeist criteria would attack me at night on a regular basis. It seemed to be restricted to my bedroom alone, my dogs simply refused to enter that very room long after my dad turned it into an office for himself.
I am not really sure about its nature, our place hasn’t been an old or tragically inflicted one.

In my case I was a tad too young to do so, but I think that people who are practicing some kind of contact-ish thing might be interesting for these entities because they might need someone willing to communicate with them?


If you’re okay with sharing, in what way did it attack you?

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I will try to give away as much information as I can. It has been a while, so please bear with my ramblings :smiley:
So, the most remarkable thing has been the quite “solid” nature of this spirit. It was clearly visible and hearable, like any person that would reside in the room.
It would only come at night, when I was alone in my bedroom. It looked like E.T. and a zombie had a wicked love child (I remember that I was deadly afraid of E.T. after these encounters for a while,lel)

I was wide awake during the attacks. It would ALWAYS start with it popping up in the middle of the room, that was dimly lit by the streetlight from out of the window.
It would shuffle closer, I could hear it dragging its feet towards my direction.
I would pretend that I would sleep so it would go away and leave me alone. Most of the time it didn’t. It proceeded to lurk in a crouched position at my bedside, with its hand on my matress.
After that it would grab my arm really tight, jerking it around and staring at me while giving away very weird noises between its clenched teeth, they always sounded high pitched and somewhat shrieky?
I could never raise my voice in its presence to call for help. I didn’t even dare to cry. It would go for seconds to short minutes before it vanished.


I’ve had attacks in the night by things I couldn’t see. Usually it was something trying to strangle me with my own sheets

Yes, started when I was a teen and still happen to this day sometimes.

In most cases they’re spirits of the deceased aka ghosts or shadow people. In rare occasions they might be spirits of interdimensional beings.

If they cause such activity, then there must be a reason. Sometimes we get to know that reason, other times only they know why and may reveal it to us or not.

Of course it does. They love to communicate with the living - if they’re dead - or have a relationship with humans - if they’re from another dimension. That’s why banishing is important. I never do it myself unless it’s needed but better if you perform it after each ritual or spell. Plus grounding and centering.

Please note that sometimes, your own energy may cause physical reaction in your environment. Not all poltergeist activity is caused by an external source. You would know from experience. Spirits or entities usually seek attention and pick symbolic events to tell you why they’re doing what they’re doing and they don’t stop until you notice and get the message. If it’s your own energy, it’s usually meaningless, random and doesn’t last long… fades away over time.

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