Experiences with Orobas

Been thinking of contacting him, if anyone has reached out to him please make a reply. Thank you for your time

In March, I needed to sell my Mac laptop to make so ends money for a bill and to get a passport for when I join the military. I did a sigil session and I don’t have good vision but he did show himself vaguely. First time with my eyes closed, a “smudged figure” looking humanoid with a long head briefly appeared. I considered this his appearance given in the original goetia.

All the people before hand that came to me on Craigslist wanted to barter but after the ritual, about 5 hours later, (number of Jupiter) a sudden call came that I turned down. But he called a second time and offered a free horse trail ride in addition to a reasonable enough $600 cash. I though about it but the longer I waited, the longer the “nagging feeling” got to me. So I took it.

The guy was a peculiar personality. A bit of an oddball, but turns out he was a long time military man. The ride was kinda quiet and awkward, but I asked him all my honest questions I’ve had recently in life and he answered them, just as Orobas is said to be an answerer of all questions. It was as if he directed me to a guy that emulated his personality so I could talk normally with him. I was originally just planning on going to Europe for this occult agenda of mine, but he recommended the military for the kind of life I wanted. I later did a divination session with Asmoday asking how I could most empower myself in life and Magick, the two being merged as one intertwined process, he recommended it. So my decision was sure.

It’s funny how the reward was almost directly announced to me; it was to spend time with horse as an honorary gesture. Originally I was gonna give public praise and some food, incense, etc. But it seems he very direct with what he thinks is appropriate and fair. He’s not harsh, just very “give & take”. Business-like.


From the smudge, could you make out any scars?

No. Just a series of what looked to be blue smudges that slowly pulled together & tightened into a vague upper body figure but not very detailed. Had nothing to complain about though since simple contact was my goal, not full appearance.

I remember hearing his voice one time in 2015. It was vibratory and dry, like a “snake-y” tone but without the hiss. Think Ryuk from Death note but a bit drier. Same speech pattern too.

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Thank you for your replies

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No problem. He’s a divinatory spirit so all you really need to do is gaze into the sigil which glowed blue for me as everyone I’ve heard who summoned him to seems to agree that’s his color of energy. He’ll answer without any full ritual acts.

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