Experiences with Marquis Andras

Hello everyone! I’m looking for some good information from people who have evoked Marquis Andras. I did try to use the search function but I wasn’t able to find what I’m looking for.

I’d like to know particulars about this spirit. The protections and safeguards commonly employed to work with him safely. I’d also like to know his likes in terms of offerings or gifts. What he doesn’t like also.

If you have evoked him and would like to share some experience with me I’m deeply appreciative.

Thank you everyone!


Here is my experience with him.

One of his offices, even though it is not well known is the ascendance and growth of the magician. So if you want to curse someone, do it in a way that will make you grow as a person or in a way that will evolve your magickal skills. This is why he can be dangerous. He wants to get the magician to his limits so that he surpasses them. Andras is awesome he can be also a very risky choice if you dont know what you are doing.


Duly noted, thank you for the insights.