Experiences with Magickal Seduction by Damon Brand?

Has anyone have experiences using his book?

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I’ve done the first so called most powerful ritual from that book and well… I’m not entirely sure I got my result cause my target hasn’t shown off much Lust for me perhaps it was their will but idk… I don’t think it worked and I’ve done it to the T , finishing on a full moon and I didn’t really lust for results.

I too have this question for anyone else that used this book and had an experience cause mine was rather disappointing… Especially after even using masturbation

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You are talking about “Igniting passion in another”?
The 11 days ritual? And no results from it?

Did you use a picture of your target, and/or her personal belongings, or her hair?

Did you have any negative or bad feelings towards the person who was the target?

Hold up… Eleven days? I think that’s not correct cause that ritual us only 5 days . The only eleven day ritual in that book is the one involving the two Archangels and all 3 ritual does not require any object from the target but only their name

Maybe I am in a mistake here. I thought it was 11 days.

the first ritual is 5 days the second is 11 days.

i mean how does that matter ? you could be feeling a million different thing for the target.you could be coming from the place of heartache, unrequited love etc etc.