Experiences with Glasya-Labolas?

I was wondering if anyone has worked with him before and would be willing to share their experiences


I know this post is a few months old. I worked with him a few summers ago. At the time I needed to appear invisible plus I was looking for a particular daemon to work with for general purposes. Initially he presented himself to me through a flickering flame of a candle I had lit, I also noticed that the room I was in for silent. I normally hear kids outside playing, just kinda felt surreal. From my experience the first couple of weeks things that were stable fell over, I got off work one morning and my key would not work lol I’m like wtf!!! After that I could feel his presence like a warm sensation on my arms and face during meditations. He appeared to me as a dog and I’d see him out the corner of my eye under the stairs of my old apartment. Which was weird cuz I’m a cat person and I always see cats or old people lol. Hoped that helped I’m definitely going to work with him again soon for more sinister things lol!