Experiences with books by Rose Manning?

I tried searching for forum threads specifically about this author’s books only, but I haven’t found any.

So, anybody tried them? What were your results?

I got her books on The Angels of the Law of Attraction, The Angels of Fortune, and Healing Magick long ago, but I haven’t tried any of them yet.

They seem super short and simple. I found really positive reviews of Healing Magick on social media, but I’m more interested in the Angels of Fortune (though they’re not all about finances only).

Experiences? Thoughts?


I’ve used the Book Healing Magick for several months now and had some mixed results. Some of my pains did get alleviated for a couple of months which is awesome in itself. I usually rely on different pain medications so if I can reduce any of it at all, it’s worth a short ritual!!

Only thing I found that threw me off was one ritual caused a healing crisis that took me a while to recover from. But once I felt better I think it did help me with some digestive health problems.

The anxiety ritual worked so well for about 2 months to the point that I even wanted to quit taking anxiety medication. But now my stress is back with a vengeance. I might repeat it.

I think it’s a good book and I recommend it.


So it’s like the effects lasted for a few months… mmm… I’ll have to keep that in mind.

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Rose Manning’s Angels of Fortune book provided some of the most palpable results the past year or so of trying these types of things.

Every single angel was powerful enough. Maybe not the penultimate power of an archangel or anything, but they have quite a range of effects.

Even though I’ve been chronically ill for awhile, the Angels of Fortune got me doing things such as writing again… in rather huge volume, as well.

I think I’ve worked through every single angel in that book, some many times over. Eventually, things didn’t respond too much.

Maybe I “used it all up” ? Lol. I’m not sure.

Or perhaps these angels need to be fed and rewarded with something more than our thanks?

The Healing Magick book I only attempted to use a few times for my wife’s bipolar. I don’t think it worked for that. I wish it did.

If anything, the “Give Comfort to Another” ritual from Damon Brand’s “Great Words of Power” often helped with that.

Heck, I even use that one remotely for a bipolar friend from Belgium. She has tremendously hard times occasionally, or relationship problems with her boyfriend, and I’ll just do that particular ritual… sometimes ask the angels to linger with them, and improve their lives… and sure enough, it always seems to work reliably.

I’ll often bring up a photo of my friend just so I can show the angels. I like being very explicit with an ipad photo instead of just visualizing her face. (Maybe this is more for me than them!)

I can tell you right now that it works far, FAR better than simply chatting with her online about her problems. That can go on for hours and hours without much relief… but with a simple angel calling, and wow — there’s movement.

Now, mind you, I’ve used Rose’s Healing Magick book perhaps just 4 or 5 times, compared to 100+ times for her other book. So i didn’t really give it a fair try. Also, I used it for myself maybe once total — and didn’t really track the response. So take my words about her healing book with a grain of salt.

However, I can’t recommend her Angels of Fortune book enough! It’s quite something.

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Now it’s not meant for this at all, but for self-healing, even interventions when very ill or “at the end of your rope”, I’ve actually had remarkable results with the the basic and advanced callings in Damon Brand’s book “Archangels of Magick”.

A week or two after starting that, I collapsed in pain and defeat one night and said I just give up… I’m like “take me already, I give up, just let me die”… then had profound feelings of angels surrounding me, touching my heart, head, my legs, etc.

It was dramatic like one of those NDE experiences you watch on YouTube, minus the soul travel part. One of the permanent pains in my left leg now seems to be forever gone. Quite remarkable!

Keep in mind that the basic calling, as simple as it is, is calling upon both Raphael and Gabriel, two powerful healers… Uriel, too, is known to heal the heart. So this this actually makes sense. It’s just interesting that there was no mention of this in the book, nor did I see any in reviews.

I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same results, but it’s such a simple calling, why not try?

I think the key is that with archangels by your side, then not exactly going to sit by idle when you’re most in need.

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