Experiences with Andromalius?

I just gave an offering to Andromalius, and walked away rather confused. I was asking for knowledge on strange experiences I’ve had with demons recently, and he was rather vague, and I had trouble communicating/understanding him in general, which I’ve never had with a being before. How does he work normally? How does he communicate?
My offering was chocolates and a very small amount of blood and it was at midnight.

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Andromalius is not much of a talker in my experiences.

He likes being evoked for chasing thieves and is like a bloodhound for going after dangerous people who mean you harm, but is rather silent with the exception of his snake hissing.

In all of my experiences and those of others I know he is very present, but not a huge talker. I think he prefers to be given the task and payment and get on it.

Maybe King Paimon would be a better choice for asking ? Not sure who else you work with


Alright, thank you.

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Since you have insight on Andromalias…
I do work with the Goetia but this spirit was never one of them. As a matter of fact - I don’t have them all memorized so I’ll admit he was one I was unaware of.

I recently did an evocation of Bethor of the Olympic pantheon. I had a physical task/goal but also wished to communicate.

The Olympic spirits in my experience communicate to me quite well. The Olympic spirits are sometimes associated directly with the Greek Gods but they are often understood as energies used by the spirits.

I asked for any names or titles that I could gain as to better understand an actual Identity of Bethor, if there was one, I am fairly adept at communication and he called himself THE SCEPTER OF THE KING and then “ANDROMALIAS”
I had a vision of a giant god like man chained to a massive pillar in the middle of a turbulent sea during a storm - with the impression he was taming the sea and in control of it but forced to do so.

I haven’t connected all the dots but at that time I had no knowledge of a Goetic spirit of that name and when I found it I was surprised an Olympic spirit would claim to be a Goetic spirit. Of course they are both Jupiterian in nature. It leads me more to the fact that often these are energies have multiple identities due to the fact that we as men and women have individualized them in order to work with them. My Runic meditations and communications are nearly the same as my Goetic and Olympic experiences and most people don’t individualize Runes as spirits but energies. If you gave insights due to your experience I would appreciate feedback. :slight_smile:


I have no in depth knowledge of the Olympian spirits as I primarily work with Lucifer and the Goetia.

I can however tell you what I know of Andromalius from my own experiences.

I never got the impression from him or anything sea like, but it is possible. I felt a great hunger and nausea when he arrived, which is his standard for me now.

His energy sticks around for a quite a while when he has left and feels very wave like, I have never communicated with him and only heard his snake hiss or the incense hiss when he is present. He seems very businesslike and is very eager and efficient to chase down and punish the target.

His image (from mages that claim to have seen him) is very much as you describe though, Hope this helps as I dont want to hijack a thread . Interesting information and I will do some research!

I tried to work with him before and he refused to work with me because I was asking for something to happen to someone that didn’t deserve it.


He is very big on morals I found. This sounds just like him


Thanks for the insight.
In my vision I never had the opinion that there was a “correspondence” between him and the sea, but instead that he was in a position of great power ( the ability to control a violent sea) but that he was there by force and captive in his role. ( being chained between two great pillars.)

Again I was evoking Bethor - Andromalius was just given to me as a title when I requested one - I know spirits can screw with you too - so I listen but I am careful. They are both Jupiter powers so I believe there might be a similarity. Thanks again :+1:

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I agree with everyone else here, he’s a doer, not a talker. I often use him for his ability to watch people and uncover plots. It’s been very helpful around things like protesting, and in fact he’s mentioned in a book I have about social justice matters.

Also, you might be able to get to him through Haures. I don’t know why, but those two seem like they know each other well. Probably like to get up to mischief together.

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I’ve worked with Andromalius on binding enemies to a loan service that called to much for my taste. He is selective with his words (never spoke more than 5 words per working) his energy feels like a serpent coiled just waiting to strike. He makes sexual jokes moreso than many other entities, he slips them into the conversation and is amused when you mention it.


A sexual joke in 5 or less words…

Try fitting this one in