Experienced ones: What's happening with consciousness if you hold thought silence for long?

Question is the title.
What zappens if you hold thought silence
for long? I never succeeded for longer than
2-3 minutes but I am training.

Is it possible to feel the own soul, or to have
an OBE if you hold thought silence for maybe
30 minutes? What are your experiences?

Is it easier to astral project then?

Thanks in advance,

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I remember that I lost myself and didnt remember what happened at all but it was so realxing and blissful.

About that OBE question, maybe?

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If you like to read then i recommend Evolution
What You Need To Know
About How To Be
Successful With Spirituality
By Robert Bruce &
Timothy Donaghue.

Robert Bruce’s books is awsome.


I remember, too, to have had the experience
once to have lost myself in meditation.
I only remember blackness for this while.

No spirit answers me for a while now and
I think it is the time to learn to visit THEM.
I didn’t find a trustworthy method for astral
travel untill now and am seeking ways.

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Hiya OP! The longer you hold silence, the less you resist yourself; holding silence is surest way to slowly unwind all the filters we’ve built up over our lives. If you can hold silence for long enough, your body starts feeling different, and if you hold it for a really long time (an entire night), you can even loosen the boundaries between worlds and perceive different realities with your own senses. Silence is Super! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this.
So, astral travel is possible through long
thought silence, you mean?

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I’m not talking about astral travel, I’m talking about physical relocation! Holding silence in the dark for long enough can assemble other physical worlds around you, you just have to hold silence while they’re assembling in order to make the jump. :slight_smile: