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To all experienced and advanced magickians on here, if you could give one piece of advice to a beginner, what would it be, and why?

I would say to them - don’t confuse information with knowledge, wisdom, and practice. To unpack this a bit, we live in the information age. There is so much information out there, it’s too easy to get caught up hoarding it, reading it, and talking about it, without putting it into practice. A few good books, put into practice, are worth thousands of books on the shelf and only academically approached.

A more focused but detailed bit of advice is one that I give out all the time - this thread:


Don’t be a pussy, just embrace the darkest aspect of yourself and do anything to gain power

Focus on visualization, read EAs books, learn how to trigger the theta gamma synch. And as necromaster so eloquently put it: don’t be a pussy!

Best luck


Use some common sense when doing stuff, remember it aint a game. I’ve seen what happens when people don’t do this and well…

Meditate deeply and often. The introspection and clarity that will result will allow you to over come and resolve many perceived issues. That way when you do apply magick you can turn it to goals that actually matter rather than wasting energy on problems that aren’t really there. Not to mention its host of other benefits.

Don’t spell ‘magician’ with a ‘k’.

Seriously though – on top of what’s already been stated, stick to EA/BALG and don’t try to spread yourself too thin over different systems and traditions.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.

Practice magick as much as you read about it.

Make the occult your world, your everything and push everything else to the side. Mundane life is not important, so begin to see it as such. Do something magickally oriented as often as possible, at least once a day.

“True Power has no limit. It is the subjective reality and fleshly corpse that chains you. Dive into the Uncharted and risk all. Experience Power.” -Dante Abiel

Now the impetus for whatever your doing each day shouldn’t be because you want to “make it” as a magician. It should be because you want to create change in your reality. Pick a goal, manifest it, then move on. The whole “making it as an awesome magician” thing will happen of its own accord, so your best not worrying about it.

Also, disconnect yourself from everything that seeks to control you and keep you locked in your mundane, hopeless state. Whether those things be people, addictions or circumstance.

Don’t give people the power to “Keep you down”. Because the universe doesn’t like change, you will find that the things you once held dear will often have to be eliminated from your life in order to keep moving.

“Your friends will notice at once that glib vacuities fail to impress, and hate you, and tell lies about you. Its worth it” -Aleister Crowley -Magick Without Tears

One last thing. Don’t worry about morals. Once we step onto this path, we are no longer humans following humanity’s laws. We are gods dictating how our world should look according to OUR will. So if something is unclean in your sight, don’t be afraid to put the diseased dog down.

[quote=“PyreOD, post:7, topic:1246”]Don’t spell ‘magician’ with a ‘k’.

Seriously though – on top of what’s already been stated, stick to EA/BALG and don’t try to spread yourself too thin over different systems and traditions.[/quote]

While it is good to maintain focus, I do think it is good to explore other terretory that he might not have touched on too. As Dante once told me, don’t let anyone define your magical path.

Totally. However for a beginner–someone who is just starting out on the path–I think it quickly becomes overwhelming if you try to get into a number of systems and traditions at once because you don’t know where to start practically – causing one to fall into the armchair rather than become a practitioner. I think once the basics are understood and applied then it is natural to explore other areas.

The lhp is what you want to get into, just don’t do most of what I do because I tend to stay a little insane. Start out with darkness meditation and daily sigil opening, then when you go to bed keep the room completely dark and visualize objects in the air. What this is going to do is open you up to the realm of occultism very fast and get you those beginner visualization skills you desperately need. Then after you master meditation pull that momentum onto divination which is the next step, then when you’ve mastered that you’ll be able to move onto evocation no problem, the next step is astral projection or soul travel but you’ll want to learn that from an entity because it’s hard to grasp otherwise. You can even do devotion to one entity as long as you don’t become obsessed or worship it (I’ve done both) once you do this the entity is going to stop teaching and will try to make you his bitch.


I definitely have to second what PyreOD is saying here. Your scope is really based on your energy and experience, and many ties folks are looking for too much power too quick. That might sound a bit passive, but really it is more about knowing how your efforts are best spent. If you are attempting again and again to open sigils and evoke, yet you aren’t even able to familiarize yourself with even the alpha brainwave state… that might be a pretty useless move.

I would agree with Defect, too, it is important that you are the one to define your magic path, and unless someone has drafted something that completely entails your desires as a magician, then you fall prey to cultism, and not many free-thinking, sovereign individuals come from that group. However, it helps to have something to systematically follow so that you have a reference point of activity that continuously builds your power.

Most of all, you got to take some time to really know what YOU want precisely, and not some vague simplification of a desire. “I want to have lots of money” is probably not going to afford much for you in ways of intention setting; why do you want money? How much do you need? What do you see that accomplishing for you? Know exactly what you plan on doing with magic, and you will have a lot easier time navigating where to look and go.

So start doing something that you know you can do, that is a good start for you. For some, that might mean opening sigils, but for others, you might need to start training with amassing, controlling, and utilizing energy, doing things to build your energetic body. I know that I started with attempts at opening sigils, and quite honestly, I was approaching the work with my ass halfway in the air. I could even open it, but the whole work was really marred by a lack of confidence because I had no foundation to work from. Then I stepped back, and just focused on doing some simple, yet 100% focused yoga work, and things starting changing without me thinking about them. I had more confidence in the foundation, and after a while I can reenter the sigil work with way more skill and ease.

Get to know what you can do, and don’t look too far forward in terms of practice. Rather, think of the things you can do 100% effectively, and add things as you take inventory of what your desires are. Before long, you’ll have more than enough ability to start diving deep into intense practices that will change you world dramatically. Don’t be surprised, however, if simple basic training starts opening some very worthwhile doors by itself.

Or you can just take necro’s suggestions, those are pretty solid-looking haha. I would say that you don’t want to step too far outside of what you can handle though. Some folks ask for money, then they get it, and completely screw themselves up with it. I’m not talking about anything like “karma”, but rather the fact that most people don’t know how to use money in a manner that actually does anything worthwhile for them. Coming from a guy who is all about amassing power, I can say that most of the magic horror stories stem from people who gained shit they had no real idea how to use wisely for themselves. It’s not about morality, it’s more about doing something that you can actually work with, which is what I feel is the most important thing to focus on.

Also, make sure you enjoy whatever particular practice you choose. It will help you stay motivated and help prevent you from thinking of it as a chore. Once you lose motivation, your progress really suffers.

Jack of all spirits, master of none.

Grimoire-hopping is a waste of your time and the time of the spirits.

Stop fumbling and looking for your keys to your own house, just kick the door open.

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Embace your inner GOD, for GODS are neither good nor evil, but they are the master of thy own will. ~ Sorcerer Osiris

It’s been a while since anyone has posted suggestions and tips in this thread.

So… you guys that have progressed, anything new?

To the experienced, got anything to share?

Avoid the Necronomicon and Goetia until you have skill under your belt!