Experienced Magicians ! How many times have you failed before succeeding?

Recently I have been coming across many post in here and on other forums from people who say their magick isn’t working causing them extreme sadness and the feeling of being a failure, I’m doing this for them to realise they are not alone and behind all this thanking the spirits and shared success stories there are years of failure! I’ll share mine first: (I’m keeping it short, there’s much more pain and suffering behind all this)

  • After a major event in life and a spiritual awakening I started looking for answers and became a hard core law of attraction believer , started with teachings of Abraham Hicks was really feeling like I had found all the answers , all I did was manifesting signs left right and centre with no real success for 3 years , I was feeling happy and hopeful all the time like an idiot while having ugly breakups, friends backstabbing me, hating my job, business going down and problems everywhere
    -Then I started with other gurus , Nevile goddard, Deepak Chopra, Wayn Dyer, again all I manifested was a feeling of motivation with no real result
  • Then started the affirmations , candle magick, herbs, oils, white magick spells , wicca stuff, failed again
    -I hit rock bottom in 2017 , had put so much faith in my work that had no plan B for if it didn’t work . Spend the whole one year hating myself, life and everything around me , nothing was working health, finance, love, work, all was shit
  • It was so painful to see others having success with methods I was failing with , I was feeling like I was being discriminated against, I remember doing the 50 X 50 method which was helping people win competitions, get a job, money etc… when I did it for money the complete opposite happened and I started getting unexpected bills and fines
  • Finally in mid 2018 I started looking for answers for the very last time and found the LHP, it’s been less than a year , yes I have had 90% success so far just because of all that practice of focusing, visualising, and setting my intend during the years , It was a do or die situation for me , I wasn’t scare of demons a bit because I had no other choice . It’s still not all success and happiness, some days are still low, but as long as things are moving I’m good and grateful.
    I would love to read some of your experiences for motivation for all of us :slight_smile:

This is the ideal mentality for success.
Anything less is testing the waters.


Thank you for this post :blush:.

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There is no failure. Everything is taking you along perfectly and you are where you need to be. Keep at it.


I totally agree with you but I get it now, for people who are in the middle of it is very hard to see that’s why I did this post so they can see that they are not the only ones!


Nothing can make your intention and will stronger, than the fear of losing it all.

Alot of successful people have stated that right before they made it, thier life was on the verge of completely falling apart.

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But the road that takes you to that point , kills you, bends you, finishes you ! I might have become stronger but along the road I lost my innocence , unconditional love for others , and trusting nature which is fine since it got me nothing but disappointment!


Indeed, the path will change you inside and out. This is something I can relate to since I don’t even recognize the person I was before Magick. We dissolve the ego and recreate it continuously (ouraboros/leviathan/Apep).


I think we all have our way .
And people should not quit if one is not working just remember you are unique and you need to find the way of doing magic that fits your soul …
And this you can only doing by searching , reading and trying
And the same I believe depending of previous life’s for some is easier
Either born with some capacities or work and train to get them


Same story as you here @Tuxedo-cat!

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I succeeded the first time, but I was really super over-prepared. Didn’t go into it lightly

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I’m not experiencied and started as an atheist (which I may still be).

I just followed Grant Morrison’s basic template to call on Ganesh. It fucking worked, I wrote 13.000 words that day.

No more success since then, but then again, I don’t even qualify as a newbie. Maybe in a couple of months I’ll be a newbie, but for now I don’t even have the full vocabulary to understand everything I read here.

Anyway, still trying to work with Bune, but taking it sloooowly.

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I must admit when having started on the magic path 4 or 5 years ago it seemed to be quite easy but now I find that I can always get magic to work when mundane options have run out, but can’t get it to work when I just want it to work.It is very annoying which has proved to me that there is in the spirit world a vast difference between need and want and something our side is required to complete the picture. How in the mundane world do adepts manage to bridge that gap so successfully. I am just wondering if there is anyone out there that had the same problem as me I’m sure I’m not the only sufferer and how they managed to overcome it?
when I need it to work it works 100%
when I want it to work 25%
thanks in advance for any input :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:

Hell, I had a failure a few weeks ago. I made a sigil to improve my communication abilities at work using the Latin name for a Water Bear and a mercury square. What I forgot was that water bears are not social creatures in general (in fact, they are cannibalistic). Apparently, having that little bit of information somewhere in my head was enough to twist my manifestation to where I not only failed to communicate, but my own words kept being turned completely against my goals with every order I gave.

Even experienced magicians fail, especially when it comes to trying something new. That is part of our growth. That failure taught me to pay more attention to animal behavior if I am going to use it as a base for sigil magic. My next experiment is to use an animal known for mimicry to create a sigil to help me learn from training more efficiently

Quite a few times lol. It’s always difficult at first because it’s new and unfamiliar but the key it to try alot of different methods of magick or paths till you find one that resonates with you. Also you can take bits and pieces that work for you from the different types and create your own way.