Expérience with The forbidden Enochian Square...Any advice!

So yesterday, I decided to work with the Forbidden enochian square. I didn’t know what to expect.
So I did the kabbilistic cross,
-middle pillar
-i invoked the Angel’s of the watchtowers
I put myself into a deep state and started to visualise the outcome
I focused on the square ,I did the invocation of EA
Stared at the square,while calling the names on the square… I didn’t feel much,except the flame of the candles rotating for about 5 seconds then I felt a cold wind passing.
The square started to flash, I asked them to fulfill my request which is personal. Then I thanked them.
I was a bit disappointed though I was expecting something big.
So I took the square put it under my pillow,I went to sleep as I was visualising the outcome of what I asked from the square again, something grabbed my entire body lift it up and moved it from the other side of the bed. Nothing scary though, I looked around ,there was none . So I took it as it was them giving me a sign that they heard me. Strange vivid dreams and I dont know what to make of it. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks