Experience with something massive in size

Well never told this, but i had once lost a fight against the whole school he beat me big time, when home i got infuriated , after watching DBZ anime and used their idea of unleashing my anger in a powerful chant, so i did, then a few days after i heard that the exact point where the energy of those few seconds came from (my exact location) had some magnetic interference and in 2005 a large asteroid passed the Earth, scary was i really wished when unleashing my anger that a massive one would hit the Earth and exterminate all life for my loss in a fight, that i did not care. Only then i was pretty much a really obbese kid, the next day i was suprisingly really slim and well muscled. Still most suprising was the moment it stopt unleashing my anger the asteroid missed the earth by a few miles.

I hope nobody minds, but i had to get this off my mind, so that i can finally move on.