Experience with Shadow People

Ever since I did an Invocation I wrote for initiation into the Saturnian sphere I’ve been able to summon shadow people almost at will. Haven’t really tried to do anything with them yet but I’m curious about anyone elses experiences with the shadow people.

I’ve had some follow me around, “talked” with some, I quote talked because they don’t really talk but it’s more of they convey through actions and such. I’ve gotten to know the low energy ones who bodies are literal humanoid dark energy elemental forms, and high energy ones where their body is a bit more solid and shows more features. They’re pretty transparent as their intention shows in their eyes, white eyes are normally “benevolent” blue are more curious, red tends to be aggressive, but any of them their eyes can change to show their intentions. I actively allow them to come and go from my house sometimes.

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As with Rungr, I too have experienced their intentions and even affiliations are shown by the colour in their eyes.

Red are complete assholes.

I can’t share the eye colour I’ve experienced because they REALLY don’t want to be talked about.

I’ve gotten the general feeling that for the most part they’re fairly neutral other than scaring the living hell out of someone not used to seeing spirits when they wake up. According to my sensitive wife they live in my backyard and don’t seem to really cause any harm. Other than VK Jehannum’s egrimoire I haven’t seen much flushed out on what they actually are.

I’ve some to experience them as elementals of dark energy, just as there’s fire elementals, water, light, earth, air, etc.

Would make sense. I find that I can “grab” a ball of what they’re made of so it would figure it’s similar to elemental energies.

Is there a ritual to bind them to turn into Assassins? Maybe with pigs blood and flesh?

I’ve never seen one, but it seems like shadow people are more of a haunting presence than an active participant. So you could probably send them to give someone horrifying nightmares or something.

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Not a good idea to try and force/bind shadow people to objects or others, not in terms of morality but more in terms of if you aren’t good at defending yourself dont try and treat other entities like objects or things you can boss around because eventually they might get you back.


Yea, Shadow People have proven to be highly capable and intelligent, and they never seem to come alone.

I think you are far better off just asking them.


So, over the years, I think that I have seen shadow people out of the corner of my eyes, but never directly. Like a quick shadowy figure out of the corner of my eye.

I say think, because again, I have never seen them directly or had an experience with them. Never seen their eyes or anything. I remember it happening a lot back in high school…before I knew anything about any of this.

Since they have been around me…I’d be interested in knowing more about connecting with them.

Do you all have any suggestions/tips for verifying if they have been around and connecting with them to get their help/guidance?

Try reaching out to them to show themselves directly, if they’re around they can hear/feel your intent. I always saw the ones that show up here directly.

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I’ll give it a try.

Would you suggest writing a letter of intent and burning it…or just state my intention in meditation?

Also…any tips on how to make sure that I draw Shadow people that mean me no harm…as opposed to those with the red eyes that would mean harm?

You could do that also, as for the intention, shadow people while transparent you won’t know for sure until they show up, because their eyes change based on intent. However you can put up a barrier to ward off “harmful” energies.

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Ok. And when you are seeing them…are you seeing them with your physical eyes? Or spiritual?

I usually assume spiritual…but just making sure…the shadows that I’ve seen are with my physical eyes…

A bit of both, because I can see them with my physical eyes because often times my spiritual sight overlays onto the physical.

So they’re not like the usual shadows like in a mundane sense but like energy in a humanoid form interacting with the environment.

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Gotcha. Thank you! I appreciate it! I’ll see if I can make contact.

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