Experience with Runes

So I had some documents i must submit to the dean of my school but these documents were not complete. I knew the school wouldn’t use the documents, they’d just dump it and let it collect dust forever.

I drew a Sowilo rune and meditated on them before my stupid room mate interrupted. I laid on the bed and imagine the rune entering into my body through all my skin pores. I could literally feel the energy entering me. I drew the rune on my left hand and proceeded to school.

There are the Dean’s office many students documents were rejected because of one or two missing documents. My documents was accepted smoothly even though 4 documents were missing.

Today experience was intense. I’m very lazy at studying and my exams is just next week. I decided to make a sigil that will make me study more.

I made a sigil from the combination of Sowilo, Uruz, Nauthiz, and Kenaz.
After I activated it, I read 9 hours straight!! I was begging to stop! I’m someone who can’t read for 2 without resorting to snoring.

Though this experience isn’t that supernatural but it really changed my view about runes.


I have runes made of Oak and I blooded them a few months ago, but I also have an oracle deck with the runes on them along with a few jotun gods and Aesir gods on them.

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have you ever tried combining servitors and runes?

What’s the intent of the runes?

Not yet, have you?

I have the entire rune set

Though it is believed that the runes have their own manifested consciousness so when meditating on them you might meet each of their manifested forms.

Good to know. Do you have any thrilling experience with any of the runes?

When I first found my connection to the norse runes I did have a dream of the runes being burned into the ground around me then energetic forms of each sigil kind of rose from it, later down the line I ended up having multiple dreams of Odin (possibly due to the fact he sacrificed himself to himself and Yggdrasil bestowed knowledge of the runes unto him) currently I plan to look into a warding bind rune.

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no I have not purched any books about creating runes but i plan on on creating some and binding them to servitors like the wolf of antimony occultism . Also are runs less effective when drawn on paper?

Idk but I drew mine on paper or am I doing it the wrong way?

If it got you the results you wanted, you did fine.

Nicely done. Keep it going.

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Do let me know how the warding bind rune goes when you finally do.
Btw, have you tried evoking Odin?

Can you recommend any other methods for working with runes?

Look into: Rokkr, Vardlokkur, Lokkur, Galdr and Seidr.

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I don’t do evocations, I prefer etherically projecting to the entity if they allow me to, but yeah I have ‘met’ him and I will let you know

I’ll research about those.

Any reasons for your choice of “no evocation”?

No reason, I just find etheric projection a bit more interesting than evocation

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