Experience with Lucifer? Maybe?

So one of the books and techniques I’ve used since getting into trying to invoke/evoke demons a few months ago was the ‘Lucifer and the hidden demons’ book by Theodore Rose. This book follows pathworking to visit demons rather than sigils and enns.

With sigils and enns, I suck. I can’t really communicate with demons. I don’t hear them. But I know they’ve heard as Dantalion has been around with me for months and shows me things in my dreams all the time.

With the pathworking, I do speak to them sometimes. Which led me to believe that it’s mostly my own head making up the responses, but I decided to continue doing it because practice is what every veteran magician here recommends to get better.

But last night I had something weird happened. When I went to Lucifer, he was in bulky, thick rusty armor, kind of similar to Sauron from Lord of the rings. Usually he has long dark hair and is really smooth and elegant.

This was the first time I ever visited simply to say ‘thank you’ for letting me in and speaking with me whenever I come.

He looked at me, then an object came out of his sternum. It was like a short handle, with small balls on either end that was barely wider than the handle. This object looked a little golden, but mostly covered by moving, molten lava, engraved into it.

He told me stab myself with it. And with absolutely no hesitation, as though I didn’t have a choice, I did so. It went straight through, but did not damage my body. Lucifer then held me by the head(did not hurt) and lifted me off the floor.

My body was flooded with energy, and I could feel my real body in my bed trembling. I groaned/screamed. But it didn’t hurt. It just felt like overwhelming power.

I fell to the floor on the mountain(where the pathwork ends) and my vision floated in and out with him standing over me. I asked what that was. He said he opened my mind.

When I finally could right myself, I got to my knee, and said I wasn’t expecting that. I just came to say thank you.

He said, “I know. That’s why…”
Me: Is it because this is the first time to say thank you without talking about (ex)?"
Lucifer: “Yes. And forget about her.”
Me: “Wa-…what?”
Lucifer: “Let Astaroth do her work. It’s not time for you two yet. You have other things to focus on. Forget about her totally.”
Me(eventually): Okay. I trust you.
Lucifer: “Go. Rest.”

Okay. Now I just wanted you guy’s opinion on this. Because this is not like any interaction(whether real, or made up by my mind) I had ever had with him and goes against the patterns of every time I’ve spoken with him.

Considering my lack of ability to hear demons when I use sigils and enns, do you guys think this was legit? Because… it sure as hell didn’t feel like something I would think of. And it was too clear. Like the clarity of my blurred vision going in and out, seeing him, and the sky, I can remember it right now. It felt very real.

Also, has anything like this happened to anyone else? Regardless of the opinion, I thank you in advance!


First of all, congrats on your experience.

Second, don’t doupt yourself. It is what it is and whether you think otherwise, doesn’t change it. Just trust what you saw and what you heard.

Thanks for the reply!

Also forgot to add for others opinion, last couple of days when I close my eyes, I see people like they’re going about their day. I’m seeing actual people, full features and everything. That I’ve never met.

Also after the experience with Lucifer I saw images after images, they were clear but I can’t remember them now.

Ring any bells to anyone?

I have had similar experiences with King Paimon. He was trying to show me things.

Spirits tend to do this in my experience with visions, lucid dreaming, etc. (i.e. appearing or doing unexpected things). I mean, I’ve never heard of Lilith coming in the form of a preying mantis that decapitates men but yet here she has shown me this. She’s always shown me her motherly side as well as a sort of lover. But I think this was because on my first evocation of her I did not show fear of her appearance and treated her with the highest respect. She immediately, when I told her she was beautiful even as a serpent, she smiled and turned into a gorgeous woman. And there’s more about other spirits but you get the point. They can and will show you absolutely fantastic appearances and dreamscapes.

Anyways, that absolutely sounds like something Lucifer would do and even say. Keep going forward with him, let him be your guide, and most of all just trust yourself and write every new piece of information down.