Experience with Demonic invocation update

Iite, so boom👏🏽
I invoked Lucifer SUCCESSFULLY. The best invocation I have had dealing with any spirit. Typically i would have a cool feeling in my solar plexus, but this time it was way more intense. As I stared at my black candle while chanting LU-CI-FER in front of his sigil, everything around the candle got blurry. While u could attribute this to not blinking, i felt chills. all my hairs on my back and arms stood up (don’t think i have back hair but whatever). All of a sudden it felt like my brain glitched lol. Like frames of reality as i was experiencing it were being skipped. Thats when I talked to him about my life, building a bond, and wanting to help my 2 kids and wife.

  So the next day i come to work, and they're telling me I can take 2 weeks off, paid for paternity leave, which definitely is a benefit of the job they dont just tell u about. My company is very stingy, so whatever they can get by not telling u about, they'll do it. Right before this happened, a black and blue butterfly caught my eye, and i felt like it was Lucifer, so i said hello, and thanked him preemptively. 

The same day, on my way home, my mother in law car broke down. We were on a country ass back road an hour away from home. I told my wife (who picked me up cuz i still dont have a license🤷🏽‍♂️) that im gonna walk to see if i can pick up wifi to find a ride. As i start walking i chanted Lucifers name. I saw the butterfly again, and IMMEDIATELY my wife yelled for me to come back. My request was for my wife and kids to get home as soon as possible because one of my children is a newborn, while the other is 1 years old. People in the area are typically assholes, but some guy stopped. He offered to give us a ride home, and acted as if home wasnt very far at all. He spoke on karma a few times. Idk, but im positive our friend did this for me. He had a black and white striped conductors hat, but wasnt working for the rail roads.

I had to stay with the car because my mother in law was on the way and i didnt wanna leave it. Shortly after she arrived, the mans SON came and helped us fix the car. When he hopped out his truck, he looked at me and said “Hey !” And pointed at his hat. Too good to be true. shit like this doesnt typically happen for me.

Lucifer is the best friend i could ask for, and everybody seems to give him a bad rep. I try to speak to him once a day atleast and thank him. How do yall feel about him ?


Thank you for sharing this!! :slight_smile:


No problem, i think people are like me and kind of been programmed to look at him in a certain way. He has been very nice and helps out very fast when i need him. Its just my experience so far, but im sure he is like this with most people who give him a chance.

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I actually have heard people in here talk well about him. But you are right, sometimes they do give him a certain persona. I believe that experiences differ from person to person according to their personality and needs. I will definitely evoke him.


Do it dude. He is easy to invoke, and as long as u got a good heart and be respectful, im sure he will do right by u. Definitely my best friend for sure


So what did you do?
You entered trance and chanted his name while gazing at a candle?


Seems like it though they mentioned having the sigil in front of them also.

I literally worked with what i got. One candle, pulled his sigil up on my phone, activated it one time, and just chanted his name. Didnt even chant the en, i just say his name

My bad im late lol but yeah, very simple. I asked a couple questions, and although at first it didnt seem like he was verbally responsive, i definitely felt him there. Basically meditated whole chanting his name.

Like i dont even have an altar yet i used my clothes hamper lmfaoo !! Best believe i will get one just for him, Clauneck, and a couple others. Possibly Sargatanas. I just want to build a strong bond with Lucifer before i be like "ayo lemme talk to ur ppls":joy::joy::joy::joy:

Wow this last one gave me the giggles :slight_smile:
Thanks for answering my questions, you are never too late!
I wish you the best of luck in your journey!!!

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Thanks man, best of luck to u too !