Experience with Cthulhu

Hello brothers and sisters of the craft,

I’ve come here to ask for insight and help with an experience I recently had.

During an ayahuasca ceremony I was confronted with cthulhu looking entity. He didn’t state he was cthulhu but he sure looked like it. He seemed to be angry and attacking me. Many tentacles latching at me from all sides, I would work the energy send it away cut the tentacles burn them remove them enclose them and somehow he would always come back. Went through a real hell that night really. Now the thing is, 2 months later it seems im in the edge of insanity. I’ve read a bit about him since this experience and read he can be used to instill fear and insanity in your enemies. I feel i’ve been victim of an attack from other shamans who are angry we are doing ayahuasca ceremonies in our country. They’ve tried to do the same and it just doesn’t flow with them… or so many others have stated. They went up to the ceremonial space 3 days before we held ceremony, the owner of the property stated. Is there anyone that has the ability and or power to look into the whole situation and see what it is that truly happend and is going on?

Please click this link and go introduce yourself. It’s a rule on this forum, thank you. @Alazif this might be up your alley with Cthulu.


I have not, but I recommend working with Cthulhu’s brother Kthanid instead since he is said to be far more peaceful.

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I think probably what have you experienced might have been just an attack from astral parasite, becouse they often tend to have tenticles, with which they attach to people and later suck their life force energy. It is much more believable than the story that some shamans have “realeased the kraken” on you :smiley: (sorry, had to say that). I’m 99.99% sure it is an astral parasite that attached itself to you, becouse from yout written experience it surely sounds like that.

I suggest you cleansing yourself with salt water as often as you can. Go buy sea salt(best) and pour it all over your body your head, shoulders, back, legs, hands and rub it gently in those areas and later wash it all of with water stating in your mind that now that water is washing away all the negativity from you and cleansing your aura. Trust me it works! Done it 10000…times and will do it again and again. Just take sea salt in your hands and hold it in your hands for some time even in day time or when you go to sleep you can put a little on yourself or near or under the pillow where you sleep with the intention of grounding and protecting you and it should reppel this nasty astral parasite in time, but you will have to repeat the body cleansing with sea salt and water often until it goes away.