Experience with Bune and Belial?

Every day I read a few posts here and every day there’s only one name that keep in my head and it’s Bune. So I was considering that maybe she’s calling me to summon her. I did some read on her and it did made me feel like summon her.
Last night while meditating I just called her, not a proper summoning just called her name and said “give me a sign if you would like me to summon you” before I finish the sentence I felt this energy through my body. Than I felt a presence, but I don’t think is was her, because it gave me a bad feeling and than for some reason I thought about Belial and it occurred me that he wanted me to banish this thing just like that, in that moment, by myself. So I did the best I could projecting a defensive light in my body which made me really dizzy, I felt this entity in my chest like if it was feeding on me. Also called upon some spirits that I feel would always got my back. I think the feeling kind went away, after that I fell asleep.
When I waked up my mother told me she had baked orange cake. And the thing is I read a few people saying that one of Bune’s favorite offerings is orange so I thought about her immediately. Could this be a sign?
So was she working with Belial to test me or something like that? Or was just a coincidence? Give me your thoughts on all this, please.
Also a curiosity: why does Bune is seems to be seen as both male and female. Does it matter how I perceive her in the moment of summoning?


It’s possible and it’s a random thing but I’d take it if I were you