Experience with Athena? and Other Gods

soo there was a spirit kinda harassing my friend (,who practices magick as well.) (i wasn’t with my friend though.) but i banished them by imagining them disappearing into a cloud, and said an incantation. the spirit came back. it kept messing with stuff around her. it tried to get her to make a contract with him. i told her not to do anything, as she didn’t know who it even was and doesn’t work with spirits a lot. i’m opening her more up to that. but, then i banished him again. she said “he’s still here but drastically smaller.” and “the whole vibe of the room changed in seconds.” idk what i did but i astral projected to where my friend was, i did it again, and he disappeared. but she asked me to describe him and he had this smile to him… he reminded me of Joker or somethinggg . just that distinct smile he had. he also had STRONG dark Knight of Pentacles energy. i don’t think he was gonna do anything tho, he was trying to act all big and bad when in reality he didn’t wanna do anything . but, piano music affected him. (my friend began playing music with piano in the background.) he didn’t really like it. he bit my friends arm because of it . i was like oh-. then he started playing with her hair and her wrist. i told her to banish him again. a couple minutes later, she said there was something “pink and really powerful” besides her. she had fae energy and really protective energy. like a mother. she said she likes being called “the pink woman.” we found out it was either Athena or Aphrodite. i kind of have experience with both. they were calling out to me and I talked to them. so it makes sense . then two others popped up. a green dude and a blue dude. they were all just vibin. and glowing everrrr so bright. they were beautiful. then the pink woman stabbed the spirit with a spear and it was banished into a cloud. out of and into nowhereeee . she said there are “greater things for you” and “not to worry about him.” then she started talking to me and switching between my friend and i. she told me to follow the guy i desire “with your heart sweet one.” and proceeded to name him. she then said she liked me and my friend together because she likes “the power you possess.” i was like ok. but she was interacting a LOT. my friend said “she told me to tell you that she misses you and wishes you’d come back to see her again sometime. she says she really likes you.” “she says we’re ‘one of her favorites’” and Athena said one of the other gods in the room was Maia. but anywaysss. that’s what happened and I have no idea to why, but it was enlightening and had a lot of healing energy behind it. and they were nice :). i’d definitely evoke them on PURPOSE next time :joy:.

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