Experience with Asmodeus and Lucifer

So I just had a fairly wild evocation (at least by my amateur standards). There’s a guy who I know who is a complete and total shithead; he has cheated on his partner, made inappropriate advances on people, and has no self control, especially when he is drunk. But recently he’s been making advances on my girlfriend and being super physical and touchy, doing things such as randomly putting his arms around her and trying to lay on top of her when he’s drunk. He makes tons of bullshit excuses to hang out with her and be near her. Nothing major, but he’s pretty clearly interested in her. She’s over 100 miles away from me, as is he, so I can’t directly intervene and stop him from doing this. So I decided to curse him.

For the evocation, I decided to contact Lucifer for his destructive power, and Asmodeus. His power over lust, as well as his potential to ruin relationships, made him a candidate for the type of curse I wanted to cast. I wanted him to suffer emotionally, a little bit more every day until his life was miserable. I asked Lucifer and Asmodeus to use their powers to make his energy repulsive to anyone he is attracted to. I requested that all his attempts at finding love fail, and that he feels the sting of rejection, jealousy, and unrequited love every day. I wanted some of the pain he causes others to be reflected back onto him, and for his love to fail at every turn.

For the actual ritual, I faced eastward, drew the sigils of Asmodeus and Lucifer, performed a litany to Lucifer, chanted their enns, and meditated with my eyes open until I felt their power. I noticed the sigils beginning to pulse, and the static rain appeared in my vision. I made my request, and offered blood, rum, my sexual energy, and public praise if they made this come to pass. After I proposed these offerings, I asked them to direct me if this was sufficient, or if they requested more. At this point, my left hand began to tremble uncontrollably. On an impulse, I picked up a pencil, closed my eyes, and allowed my hand to wander around the page, scribbling with the pencil. I opened my eyes after 30 seconds of this and under the sigil of Asmodeus, I had drawn/scribbled something resembling a roughly humanoid figure with its arms spread.

I know this was a sign that Asmodeus was present, but I do not know what it means. I have always expressed myself through drawing, so perhaps this was simply how he was showing his presence in a way that is personal to me. If it was a suggestion for further offerings, I have no idea what it would be. I am going to stay open to signs in case he wishes to make it clearer, and any theories are appreciated. I think he did make it clear that he wanted me to post a summary of this experience on the forum, as I felt the extreme urge to do so immediately after the ritual was over.

I closed the ritual by cutting the middle finger of my left hand with the knife I always use for blood sacrifices. I made a trail of blood on the page connecting the sigils, and asked that my blood be used to bind my anger and intent to the curse. Afterwards, I felt extremely energized and happy. It felt like the beginning of a stimulant high. I have a very good feeling about this curse, and I welcome any suggestions as to what the scribbled figure could mean. Hail Lucifer! Hail Asmodeus!

Tl:dr- called on Asmodeus and Lucifer for a curse, had an uncontrollable trembling in my left hand, picked up a pencil, and had Asmodeus reveal his presence on my paper. First time this bodily reaction has happened during a ritual.


i never worked with them but i was told asmodious was waiting for me to call on him so this is something powerful n im happy you did post it