Experience wearing a charged sigil

I have Belial’s sigil as a pendant. I charge it at least once a month. Today for the first time, I wore it for the entire day.
What I noticed:

  • I had more energy especially at the end of the day when I’m normally exhausted
  • people noticed me more and those that normally don’t talk to me went out of their way to make conversation
  • at one point I just wanted to get out of the office and kept looking at the clock. After a while the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building. I ended up having a few beers with coworkers and had a pretty good time.
  • found some awesome videos on meditation and other areas I need to work on.

Coincidence or not, it was a pretty awesome day. I plan on wearing it to bed to see if it results in anything.


Hes going to visit you in your dreams lol


Got deep peaceful sleep and dreamt of puppies. :blush:

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Just puppies :smirk:

Lol. I was expecting much more. :wink:


Interesting Ijust got king paimons sigil pendant.
The chain broke first time I tried wearing it.(it was the cheap one not the silver but still) put a shoelace on it for now till I get a chain.
Will post on how it’s like after I wear it for a day.


I’m eagerly awaiting my pendant sigil of Sitri. Can’t wait to flush around in that in public, like a goddam princess👸


I’ve been wearing Belials sigil pendant for a few days. I invoked him and charged it with his power and a few drops of my blood. This was my first time giving blood, and the energy I felt surging through my body was beyond intense. I felt a sense of power and confidence I had never felt before. Since wearing it ive been very clear headed, been able to concentrate on magick more, and my sexual energy has literally been amplified x10.

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