Experience: Invoking Lae’ti’kohl at work. Meeting her for the first time

This is a follow up to my post on the fiery darts of the adversary. @Mulberry has referred me to Lae’ti’kohl I was excited to meet this spirit right away.

It’s around 3:05 or so in the morning at work when I decided to do this. Walked in the family bathroom cause of the privacy. I can lock the door. No stalls just one big bathroom nobody can bother me in. I do my prayers and such in there.

Sat down. And I don’t know the original way of pronouncing Lae’ti’kohl but I followed my gut on how it should be pronounced.

After a bit with my eyes closed after repeating her name over and over again. I saw like a green dragon type serpent type of thing slowly slithering through the blackness out of one side of my face. It then stopped and started peeking it’s head up as if it’s a snake about to strike but as it was doing this it’s body was slithering so smoothly like water running through a stream (I would never describe things with this wording so that’s odd “running stream” ). Then suddenly the serpent struck at my face slowly and then disappeared like within my own body. Then everything went black and silent until I heard her.

Entire time this thing is smiling at me with its big razor sharp teeth.

We had 1 on 1 contact like actual dialogue talking back and forth.

I say her cause Lae’ti’kohl came to me with a feminine energy so yeah.

This is as much of the contact as I can remember.

Immediately after the snake disappeared.

Lae’ti’kohl: yes?

Me: I forgot exactly what I said word for word here but it has sometimes to do with me asking if she could guide and instruct me to master the fiery darts of the adversary more.

She was willing to.

Lae’ti’kohl: forgot exactly what she said here but all I remember is “- but you need to follow every word and instruction I give you exactly do you understand me?”

Me: yes

Me: quick question. How long will it take to Lear-

She quickly cut me off here.

Lae’ti’kohl: as fast as you can learn it. your progress
Will come only as fast as you come.

And that was pretty much it aside from the thank you.

I love her strict militant/ also relaxing energy.

after leaving the bathroom I start to think to myself “when will I start”

I hear instantly “we will start your first lesson as soon as you’re ready to start”

So she seems very lenient.

Well. I don’t know about you but it sounds like we have a deal!:smile:

Thanks again Mulberry.


Nice work! The attitude sounds about right, very no nonsense and efficient. :slight_smile:

Yeah she seems to still be correcting me :skull:earlier I was thinking “eh maybe I won’t use candles”

“No. I said candles you will use candles! Candles will act as the gateway.” :skull::skull: how TF am I still hearing her :skull:

Once you have made contact if you didn’t deliberately ask her to leave and banish her they can hang around and be with you.

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Woow! finally in this forum, someone was able to give details on working with Lae’ti’khol. Although the details are little, leaving me hanging about the conversation, i still enjoyed reading. I wish you would give more details, especially a special incantation personally from her to contact or evoke her. Or incantations to work with her energies, in certain areas she is good at.

Maybe I’ll later on come with a thread like that.

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I grow eager for that, especially more conversations with Lae’ti’khol. Please, don’t forget to ask for incanatations or chants.

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