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Hello, i will like to heard about people experience background and how they been able to have factual and directly comprehensible interaction with sigils spirit and how much time they dedicated? I’m still really skeptical about interaction with mythological characters. How you can be so sure about the entity you reach is real or just something you create with your mind. Also, what type of skill work you point on?


Background: growing up an empath in a fey family I already accepted the unseen, and that people and entities have different energies that you can tell apart without looking. You can develop this skill if it’s been reduced with ambience exercises, which are simply sitting in a room and becoming aware of all the detail information, noticing the little things, how people act and the vibes off them. Practice makes perfect.

Then I studied qigong and qi therapy, where I found that actually lots of people can do this and a system by which to understand the flows and interactions, thier causes and limits.

Then I studied lightwork and druidry, and connected to the idea that as well as earthy unseen spirits and fae, there are higher beings you can talk to… and they are also distinguished by a unique energy signature.

So the problem becomes about getting that first contact accurate, and then working on your sensitivity, through ambience practice, to be able to recognise and compare energies consistently.

This takes time and is an ever evolving skill, that is challenged by impostors. There are many threads on here with various techniques for checking impostors, but asking them to show you their sigil (in your minds eye) is very common. My preference if to use that at first, then once I have the signature rely on that, and also a bit on behaviour, as impostors behave out of character sooner or later, going forward.

Does it matter as long as you get the results you want? Either way, you take a step into belief and cast your will, and you get what you want. There are people who pick one over the other, see everything as either psychological, or not, and all are still good mages. I think you get to choose whatever works for you here.


So if it does not matter why to choose one entity rather than an other? The only factual experience i got actually is when my third eye was fully open 2 years ago, i just see a double hour and i just try to repeat the associated angel name for fun and a rainbow body making vibration sound came and enter his hand in the back of my head for a kind of magnetic healing.

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I bookmarked this thread because I did not have time to comment on it when I first saw it.

Most people say develop your astral senses and ask the entity to show you something. The difference between entities and imposters is that entities have real power while imposters often just want to feed off your energy.

As for whether the discussion you had was real or fake technique by a well known forum member lady eva I believe once said take a deck of cards with all the non number cards removed and then randomly select a card without looking at it. Ask the entity to come back to you in the number of days which corresponds with the number of the card. Once the entity gets back in contact then check the card to see if the card and the days match.

It takes a long time to develop astral senses. I believe darkest knight posted a mantra that could be used to further awaken astral senses. Some magicians have taken years to develop these senses. I always presume that the entity I summon has heard me even if I can’t hear or see them

Also to add you will want to pick one entity over another because certain entities specialise in certain things