Expel evil spirits and negativity with this

This is awesome! give it a listen and relax…
people that know me on this forum know I’ve been getting harassed by a parasite due to all my spells lol. But after listening to this the very first time I felt a sense of peace come over me and negativity leave my space. I regularly blast it on my room now while I burn my palo santo with the window open. Powerful!

Read the comments also there something so this… it’s helped so many people.

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I use a lot of black magick as a black magician and primarily work with demons, however, I enjoyed the song it was pretty calming.

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Of course it’s always good to have magical protections but anything that repels negativity is always of use :smile:


Hanuman mantra or chalisa? Solid choice: Hanuman represents the power of Shiva within the Ramayana, and Lord Hanuman does not tolerate evil. Plus, Hanuman is purportedly still alive according to vedic lore.

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Amazing! Thank you for this information :blush: