Hello i’ve made a thread previously asking about exorcism and how to remove a demonic possession on my astral body. Long story short i’ve made enemies with a knowledgeable sorcerer who used to be my friend and been dealing with a demonic spirit embedded to my subtle body for over year. I’ve been lookin for exorcism methods but everything is just all Catholic bullshit and was asking if anybody here could give me tips on how to remove this entity from my being. Someone told me you need to find the name of the entity in order to exorcise it but I don’t know the name of it. Some mystic said it’s similar to a loa type.


Call Ogun and Papa Legba to cleanse it out of your body, you could also call on Lucifer or Buer to do the same. it sounds like you are in total Magickal Warfare, we could possible be throwing multiable spell at you, and maybe just told you you had a spirit in you and now you are phycing yourself out, with all that aside you should put up protections and start getting ready to start a counter-attack.


You could petition Suhn’tal’ock for an exorcism. He’s helping me with that now.


Aren’t they work? Why you didn’t try them?


Well, getting a Catholic priest to exorcise you is very hard and freelancers are expensive.
Otherwise - Of course not. If they work at all it’s because the practitioner is the one doing the work. Otherwise yahawh doesn’t give a crap and isn’t even listening, there’s no point asking him to do anything. Unless you ‘repent’ and swear fealty to him, then he might. He’s not a fan of infidels asking for freebies.

@Ggley4ndx, I had the same issue, in that word ‘exorcism’ is well used in xtianity, and not much in other areas, that’s why you only get xtian stuff on that search - try ‘banishing’ or cleansing.

Did anyone suggest the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram (LBRP) yet - try that first, it’s a staple.

Otherwise I’d go to Lucifer who’s freindly, Michael, or the other folks suggested, almost any daemon can do this for you. If that doesn’t work them we look deeper - maybe it’s not what you think.


You are right but there are rites who works every time. Maybe we need to start another topic because I don’t want to spam here. I don’t know about exorcism but water baptism works every time. This rite is very effective. Especially Orthodox one but this means Catholic version also works. I don’t know why but effects on a rites who baptised and non baptised do are extremely different.

Edit: This is just an idea. If there is available the whole exorcism rite somewhere you can try to find it and if you are baptised to try to perform it by yourself. If you are baptised you have connection with the egregore. I have searched it long time ago with idea to do it backwards. If it can banish demon it maybe can possess it. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find the full Catholic version of exorcism when I was searching it long time ago and I gave up of this “project”.


I do my own self-styled exorcisms. It’s the intent that you put into them, not your background.

If you can bring a spirit into a full physical manifestation, then you better know how to get rid of one as well.


What has worked for me in the past:

Burn in a heat safe bowl like a cauldron remains of crushed dragons blood, frankincense, Mrryh and copal. Also add some of the powder to some black salt. Black salt can be made from the ash of your sage after saging added to salt. Put the salt resin mix into the bath.

I have used to stone malachite with the smoke of the resins to remove entities who didn’t want to listen.

The bath can be used with the smoke going and the stone in hand. I have found chants that remove evil spirits on YouTube that have worked well in the past. They were Islamic. I’m not sure why they were so effective but they were.

Bless the water of the bath before you submerge into it and it will remove everything if you go deep into a trance and remove and fight away the stuff yourself. While you do this set up new wards so no level of spells can attack you. And ask the guards to come in and set up their own as well. Protection is one of the first things everyone should learn in magick.

You’ve got this :+1:


I actually recently tried this but to no avail. It’s one of the heavier demonic types and is completely submerged into my subtle body. I have been fighting this for more than a year. I’m actually possessed when I sleep to be exact and I’m afraid is in deep recesses of my consiousness to do some of the things it does. I need heavy duty exorcist advice or if anybody here is willing an adept or skill set in exorcism to see if they’re willing to help.


If you are near Phoenix, AZ, I’ll come and help you out.


Hmm it’s always worked for me. Even on ones that were embedded into the soul of people. But if the spirit is embedded deep into your soul then there was a binding done or a deal. The binding itself then would need to be released and depending on the type performed sometimes death is the only way to release the bindings. My gut says this is not the case for you. But I do see it attached deeply to the soul level. I’ll ask my excorsist about it and see what he says.


Baptism and exorcism are so far apart in scope. Catholic exorcisms can be violent both mentally and physically when that is not needed.
They are barbaric.

There are occultists who do exorcisms if OP can’t do it themselves, but I’d also recommend pulling all the stops and pushing back. Fighting back will give OP strength and experience.



If you can defeat this thing without external help, it will show those other spirits that you are no cream puff to be taken advantage of.

Of course, if you can’t, asking for help isn’t a shameful venture, and there are many who will help, including me.


Yes thank you guys I really appreciate you willing to help. I’m actually around the nyc area. What do you guys recommended on how to handle this spirit?


Any tips? Any of you guys willing to help out?


Anybody here got tips on how to perform self exorcism?




If you are in the NYC area there should be a TON of occult people/groups around! Search spirit depossession go to an occult book store and ask around. have you tried Robert Bruce’s stuff? Subliminal videos on YouTube? Call on your Higher self. Invoke/petition AA Michael. Uncrossing work from hoodoo? Maybe you need a pro. search spiriitentityremovaldotcom. Ed Spina. Peter Schenk. Sapien Medicine. Jenny Ngo. Eram Saeed. I’m not linking to these people 'cause I don’t know if that is allowed and I have not had your problem but these seem like serious professionals to me. You could also check BALG website and book a session with one of their pros.


Any suggestions for exorcisms? I literally exhausted all my options. It’s extremely hard finding a real exorcist for this issue and this is serious situation


So, EA couldn’t show you how to do the exorcism? The Archangel Micheal failed you as well? I guarantee you didn’t contact 3/4 of the people on the consultation list, I’m fairly certain you didn’t contact any of them, but you want to say that you exhausted all resources. Good day to you sir.