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Here are 2 techniques from Robert Bruce’s course Mastering Psychic Self Defense.

If you have access to a garden hose and a outdoor water faucet to attach the hose.

Attach the hose to the faucet.
On the ground coil the hose. (it can be on concrete or a driveway). Closest to the faucet make a larger loop then smaller loops inside of that with the open end of the hose at the center. Have the facet be inside the loops or as close as possible.

Then walk away from it for a while.

Evidently these spirit attachments/entities can read your mind but not see in the way we humans see the physical world.

Later, Be thinking of something else like concentrating on a recipe, reading a cheap paperback or planning a trip you’ve always wanted to take. Nonchalantly and with out thinking about it walk inside the loop and turn water on. Make sure you are not thinking about it when you turn the water on. Kick off your shoes and let the water bathe your bare feet. Stay there for as lone as it takes. It shouldn’t be that long.

The spirit attachments/entities can’t cross running water so they are trapped in the circle with you. The spirit attachments/entities also cannot tolerate the running water over your feet. The spirit attachments/entities will dissipate into the earth and you will be free.

What happens to the spirit attachments/entities once their dissipated into the earth? Robert Bruce’s theory is that about a 1000 years later the spirit attachments/entities will pop out of the earth disorientated.

If you don’t have access to a garden hose and faucet or it’s cold outside where you live, do you have access to a bath tub? Are you on city water and sewer or a septic system?


I actually tried that aswell. This thing is firmly attached to my energy body.


Technique #2 Mega Salt bath. This one can ruin a septic system which costs thousands of dollars to fix, maybe even $10,000-$15,000. So don’t do it if your on septic. City water and sewer should be fine.

Be well hydrated and drink lots of water first.

2-3 pound of salt. (1 -1.4 Kilograms) You can use pool salt which comes in chunks and is cheep. In a pinch you can use regular table salt.

line the bottom of the tub with a good amount of salt 1 pound (0.5 Kg). If using chunks put a towel down on top of the salt chunks. Have 7 or 8 wash cloths handy at the tub and some extra towels. Also the rest of the salt by the tub. Put a 1 hour plastic timer near the tub.

Also have some hydration in a plastic bottle near by such as Gatorade of even a plastic pitcher of water and plastic glass near by. You don’t want your drink bottle/glass to slip and break. That would suck. Have an extra plastic cup to pour eater over your self So that’s 2 plastic cups if you’ve got a plastic pitcher of water to drink.

Walk away for a while maybe even a few hours and start reading some cheap paperback once your really into the cheap paperback’s story nonchalantly and with out thinking about it get into the tub and fill with water as deep as the tub allows.

Wet your extra wash cloths and make little salt baggies and put the salt baggies on your Chackra centers starting with your groin. Submerge your whole body except your head. You need to breathe. Make a wet salt baggie with the last wash cloth for your head. Keep pouring the salted water on top of the salt washcloth baggie on your head to keep it wet.

Sit in this brine for an hour. Keep hydrated. add some warm water as needed but not to much you don’t want to dilute it.

Afterwards rinse off all the salt and clean up. Stay hydrated.

That should shake loose and get rid of the most stubborn spirit attachments/entities.


If you are still having trouble I am willing to try and help. Go ahead and pm me as I do have some specific questions on the situation to get things sorted out first.


sure the thing i cant pm since im new to site. Pm me so i could message you


In that case running water won’t help you because it’s protected by your body while you’re walking over pipework and hoses. It’s known to be “hitchhiking”. One thing you could try is to get on a ferry or perhaps borrow a boat… sail somewhere where there are strong currents.

I was in a similar situation with an entity. It was inside of my energy body (hitchhiking), and had been there a while. I tried everything to do with running water, including sleeping with a garden hose wrapped around me with water running through it all night (it didn’t work fyi). Anyway, some time later, I decided to take a ferry over to some offshore islands for the day. There is a zone out at sea where there are cross-currents and the outbound ferry route is known to get quite rough for part of the trip. The entity was screaming for the entire hour we spent in that zone during the 3 hour crossing. Anyway, it didn’t leave me after the day was over, but it was weakened. Some time after that, it just left me. /shrug


Anybody here willing to help?


Its hard finding anybody that does exorcism work. i’m near the nyc area if anybody here willing to help. This is urgent


Maybe ask E.A.? I don’t know if he can exorcise or not. But you can look up Robert Bruce. He doesn’t exorcise as far as I know but he can advise.




Anybody here willing to help? im in nyc area


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@Samnu What’s your problem?


What’s the name of the spirit?


For real do the salt water bath. Detach from all the negative things that power up that entity. And Saint Micheal.

Plus believe in yourself friend! That thing you can beat! Believe and ask Micheal for help and do the bath. I’d even write out before the bath on a piece of paper all the things you forgive yourself for. Then burn the paper.

I had an attachment for years and that did it for me.


Archangel michael does not respond to me. You don’t know how much times i asked for his help. Long story short this spirit attachment came from someone i used to be friends with who was a sorcerer. I became enemies with him and thats when the spirit attachments occured. This situation is real complex. This thing possesses my energybody i need someone to force this thing out. Someone skilled in exorcisms or trance work. This is urgent situation


I don’t know name of the spirit