Exorcism service


Sorry if this is wrong place to put this just didn’t know where to post. Was wondering if anybody does exorcism service for removing spirit attachments/entities? Long story but i’ve Been dealing with spirit attachments and don’t know where to go to remove this. Thank you


Pm me man
I got you


Oh wait
Nvm hold on
Ill pm you




You can always call Gamigin and ask her to assist you, she’s a great aid for an exorcist.


If it’s not gone, pm me I’m willing to help.


I don’t think he can PM yet. He’s only been a member for a week.


Oh you’re right ty


Didnt get reply anybody?




Yes i pmed you


pm is the green 1 (or more) in the top right corner of the forum


Anybody here still willing to help?


I am willing to help pray to Archangel Michael and ask him to kill this spirit,he is a great spirit and he is willing to help


There were two guys who volunteered. Didn’t they do the work they said?


For kassapu he’s banned and didn’t hear from micah. It’s very hard trying to find someone doing exorcism work i really don’t know what to do & this is an emergency


Check my profile, there’s a way to get those things gone.


Checked your profile couldnt really find your threads concerning exorcisms.


My actual profile has my Facebook. Since there isn’t PM yet since I am a new member.


Can you post your facebook? Your facebook doesnt show in profile