Exorcism in Catholicism

So there is this testimony from a Catholic priest who had successfully done many exorcisms in my country. Some of the demons he exorcised are: Lucifer, Belial, Beelzebul, Astaroth, and so on. He also said that 99% of the victims are women.

My question is:

  1. How can demons such caliber can be defeated by a Catholic priest? I hope it’s not because they feared Jesus?
  2. Why is women more susceptible to be possessed?



Jesus name still has power by the right hand path and its possible it was not even those deamons.

Women love them deamons


Why? Jesus isn’t God, right? How could he have power?

What do you mean? Do you mean that priest could exorcise all demons?

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If the priest believes hard enough, he could be a formidable magus.

Belief fuels the magick, even if it’s belief in YHWH the blood god.


If you look into scripture Jesus did say “All authority is given me in heaven and in earth, Go ye therefore.
And these signs shall follow them that believe; IN MY NAME shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (Matt. 28:18,19; Mark 16:17,18)
So yes his name has power and authority.

And about women I’m not so sure. I’m curious tbh.


Who give it to him? Yahweh? If so, then Yahweh is stronger than Lucifer and friends?


Catholics may use the name of Christ in an exorcism, but it is really not much different than using a godname in a banishing. What is having the effect is the force the priest is allowing to flow through him. The priest is just a conduit. LHP exorcisms are actually quite similar, but usually involve different names and source of divine force. If you go into an exorcism with the idea that you are going to force the thing out by sheer force of will, you will fail. It takes a real flow of source energy to have any effect, whether from within or without.

Exorcisms which singularly invoke the Christ are generally used by less than legitimate sources, and only have an effect on the mentally ill or the participants’ wallets.

Usually when a person is possessed by ‘Belial’ or ‘Lucifer’ it is a powerful impostor or some kind of astral creeper that is lying about who they are. In the few cases where the identity might be true, the rules above apply. You could bounce a high tier demon in such a case because it is being forced out by a greater force; again, it is not so much the exorcists as it is the force they are bringing to bear through or from within themselves.

I think this is a regional thing more than a sex thing. Possession requires at least some degree of willingness in the possessed person prior to occupation. In areas of the world where women are less empowered it is reasonable to believe they may be more likely to open themselves up to any possibility to give them the power they have been stripped of, and these things do lie. Consent is consent, even when agreed upon under false pretense.

And a lot of the countries where this holds true are male dominated, so statistics might be just slightly skewed to reinforce the illusion of superiority of men over women. In many cases I would imagine male possessions are hidden altogether. On the other side of that coin, ‘possession’ could be a scenario concocted by a shitbag husband to maintain social status because of an unruly wife’s behavior. Can you really trust numbers produced by the same people doing the exorcisms?


No no, you got to think of it like this: if a billion people believe in Yahweh whether or not he is real it doesn’t matter because they give the name power.

Imagine one exorcist invoking a billion people’s energy into an exorcism that’s a lot of juice


I work with the demonic and infernal (demons and hell) I have felt their power and became possessed before by Azazel also believe there is a legion army of lesser demons goat satyr seirim demons possessing me and watching me at all times also feel the presence of Baphomet around me…what would happen if I meet a catholic priest would they detect the demonic in me and could they exorcise me???

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there is also a catholic church near me with a father priest etc I thought about for kicks going into it acting like I’m praying to Jesus but really cursing the place and calling demons to attack the clergy…


demons the fallen angels etc like Azazel once mated with human women because they found them attractive so that could be why… also noted most of these women are young girls with catholic ties look at that movie Annabelle and The Nun etc all young catholic girls… demons have a fetish for them I guess…

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Going off what you said. Even if he did, that priest lifespan has been reduced if it was truly a demon of that caliber. Don’t belevie me go look at priest’s life expectancy after doing exorcisms.

Another note saying them names for these kind of demons doesent get rid of them. Only your perception of them.


I’m not sure if yall realised but the internal kingdoms allowed them selfs to be captured by the rhp to be wrote in your books. Maybe I’m wrong for my thinking but look around you. Those religions are dieing but look at all the success people are haveing turning to the lhp. And these supposedly “evil” demons are loveing and welcoming. By those who share relations with them like my self. And if they demons are so weak why can i now change things around me. Why are thier power so great if their supposedly lesser beings.


Honestly I feel that the Catholic Church is hiding sooo much more devious shit then we can fathom ( as most of you no) don’t put to much clout in to catholic propaganda


The demon is never truly banished, what an exorcism does is simply close the perception of the person who is possessed so they cannot interact with said demon, but they will always be with you no matter what, they cannot be truly banished they are now part of your reality, all you can do is ignore them completely, hence the whole going to church for weeks after the exorcism non-stop, shit like that.


well they molest young boys so there ya go…


Actually, only about 4% of priests have ever sexually abused a child. This number is less than pedophiles who are also parents and teachers.

And of the 4% about 80% of the cases of child molestation was post-pubescent boys aged 15-18.


My grandma raised me in that tradition. I was always that kid in Sunday school asking the wrong questions to a lot of things lol so I’ve felt the way I feel now a very long time. I just don’t understand how people can’t justify that way if thinking


Most Catholics, Sunday School teachers especially, are woefully ignorant of the teachings of the Catholic Church, if you still remember any of those questions you used to have, I can probably help you out.


Like people take solice in the practice I understand that, I will never take that away from any one.