Exorcism and Blocks for Spirits

I displayed advancement with my spiritual power and a close companion of mine began to emulate me in my word and deed without understanding what I was doing. He has a basic understanding of things (thoughts create reality, Osho, Deepak Chopra, New Age stuff) and favours mysticism over magic, but acknowledges the forces I began to utilize and the charisma they granted me. He is somewhat jealous of me and deep down I know he wishes to take all the power I have gained for myself which is impossible, but it hurts to know that he feels that way.

(African Spirituality utilizes possession in place of invocation) A spirit wants me to allow it to possess me but doing so causes long-term introspective side effects, I’m not opposed to the possession, just not at the current stage of my life. Said spirit appeared to me before in isolation and I successfully managed to put it off the idea.

Said companion copies me in all aspects and during a trance state he was easily possessed by this spirit unaware to him at the time. He thought he was just in a heightened state. The spirit however was just using him to speak to me, I could tell by the eye movements and stuff it was saying that it was the spirit. Seeing this, I had to evoke another spirit outside of myself and put my progress back a few weeks, but was able to force it out of him.

I have since used another spirit to hide my deeds so he can no longer copy me and as a result, he has become fixated with all the things I did in the past (clothing style, hobbies, speech patterns etc).

All was seeming good, but now he remembers being possessed and is trying to taunt me about “losing” my power to him. He thinks all the things I did suddenly transferred to him and for that reason I think he’s an idiot, but that aside, there is a more pressing issue. I’m afraid the spirit will just take hold of him and use him for its own purposes and to get to me.

I want to block the spirit from possessing him, but don’t know how to proceed.