Exit techniques

Please list your guys favorite exit techniques for leaving your body, and fav places to go when soul traveling

I use momentum. Rather than trying to visualize something I can see, I try to imagine a sense of movement, brisk movement in which I can feel momentum.

This article supports my momentum theory. You can activate the appropriate parts of the brain by generating mental momentum.


I have a few…the rope method to pull myself out (which was the first method I learned). Then there is a death meditation where you lie still as you were dead and then fall into the bed (or whatever you are on) and move away from your body.
A few years ago Thomas (and I can’t recall his screen name) had an exercise posted on this forum I liked where you place a random tarot card on your dresser (without looking at the face of it) and try to project yourself to it and look at it from your bed. Another thing that may help you as E.A. pointed out in his Soul Travel Course (which I recommend you get) is to hold on to an object once you are out and hold tight. It solidifies the feeling of being out.
My favorite places to go are into the Lower and Upper Words.

Been having good success imagining holding a mouse in my hand as I fall asleep. Brings out the dream body fairly quickly. You begin moving fingers in response to the imaginary mouse that are not your real fingers.