Exercising Omnipotence Just Using You

It all begins with being alone in the darkness, speak to the actual darkness to unleash it’s power onto you, take that power forcefully as it isn’t a power that will fall into your lap.

The next stage is confronting the light and demand it obeys you, forcefully take that power within.

Then stand upon the mountain of the gods, be one with the light, be one with the dark, be one with your masculine force and be one with the feminine force.

Extend your arms and feel that power burning within your core, as the male and the female, as the light and the darkness as the alpha and omega.

Don’t look outward you must close your eyes, feel your own power rumble within you.

Next is the realization that you are not only a god, but you are also the devil, you are order and chaos, you are the microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm.

When you feel that connection to all existence within you and outside of, when you become one with the air around you, the earth underneath you, something inside of you peaks from behind the curtain.

Next is to look within once again feeling the light connect to your spiritual vitality, feel the darkness connect to your strands of genetics.

Now command to all of creation to move in accordance with your will, as you breathe, the earth around you breathes, as your heart beats the universe itself shall beat.

State your demand your power to rise, extend your arms and in this stance of the godlike titan you shall absorb a new form of power.

You feel yourself as a giant, your feet are at the very depths of the abyss, your head is at the highest height of the celestial heavens.

Speak the words of a god, " Itz Dal’ma Iv’Naya ".

Feel those godly words flow from your throat chakra, each sound acting as sonic vibrations of omnipotence, echoing throughout all of reality carrying with it a shock wave of power, throughout the this world and all the others.

You stand with will and power unlike any other, waiting for the shock wave to return to you, bringing the power and energy of all the realities it broke through, allow the shock wave to hit you, but no matter how powerful it is you are the immovable object as well as the unstoppable force.

When the shock wave of power hits you, inhale it into your being hold that breath within until you feel your whole body is about to cause a spiritual combustion from it’s sheer power, feel the petals of the ajna chakra awakening, one petal is the lunar power and the other is the solar power feel them converge into one point in the Ajna Chakras center.

Then reach deep within inside you is an actual core of power, reach into it and let the words travel from there to come out of your mouth and exercise this power for what ever goal or command you wish to manifest.


Can this be used by beginners?

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Even better.


“The Kingdom of Heaven is with in you”. Even the judeo/Christian bible says this. All of the occult power is in ourselves. Of course, Christian throw it off on God or Satan, thus denying their own Occult Code Book Drivel, the bible.
But, most of us know it is all in ourselves. Knowledge being the key to use it.


Just did this for removing the stubborn people and blockages in my ascent
I have good feelings about this :smiley::metal:

I am the Shockwave, The Destruction As It Happens, and the Return Tremors that shake the ground and remind the people of why they fear me :smiling_imp:


Good brother i’m glad u found use in this as i did.

For me changes manifest quickly after this.


Gonna try this later tonight or tomorrow.