Exercises in evoking eternity?

I started doing some of the exercises from evoking eternity. the one that intrigued me the most was the astral exercise Eric outlines by calling all of the nearby wandering spirits to come close and trying to communicate/ remotely view them to work on clairvoyance and clairaudience.

I did this today and I found while communicating was easier than I thought I had a hard time visualizing or really seeing what they look like.

I had one greet me with a simple “hello” , another a old fashioned “greetings” and one didn’t say anything but California girls started playing in my head when I asked what it had to say.

I see in the book that Eric never mentions dismissing these entities ( should be a given anyway) but more concerting to me is how dangerous it could be to call upon random , unknown spirits.

I’ve seen a similar excise on a lhp site but its always recommends that you call forth a spirit you know , not unknown entities.

do you think calling on spirits to work on your senses like this holds any danger or is it nothing to be concerned about ?

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In my opinion, there’s nothing to worry about.

These “wandering spirits,” as EA calls them, are basically always around, we just don’t pay attention to them. They don’t really have a lot of power or energy to them, so once you withdraw your focus, they will generally go along their merry way.

Unless you are performing the exercise in a cemetery, or an area known to have tortured souls roaming about, there isn’t really any concern.

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I just tried that concept just pictured my view point above myself a image of me blurry and seen a green lizard it stood on two legs but more like how a trex does then a human but in-between unable to hear it but I seen it making gestures trying to communate it tried to write it’s name out after I reassured it I would seek it anyharm unless it cause me it first, it seams cool enough so I just did a small charge up thinking the type of energy it wants but not deciding on one then had it waiva sec while I condensed it instead of it going to it and it turned into a green orb then took image of a small tree then I offered it to it.

Is there any pointers I should be aware of in doing the viewing of them from the book or is it really basic just ask them to show and yes view.

The exercise is basically just focusing awareness and learning to interpret what you see.

With mind eye or regular eyes cause I almost always see spirits walking around me there completely see through no color typically I just notice the distortion of the space there’s one like right to my right and a foot in front of me atm lol.

Thanks for answering

I just tried again got another dinosaur looking creature red then the thing that was on my right shifted between many different concepts I don’t think it wants me to know what it is, like a bull demon then weird humanoid then I thought alien so definitely was sonthing trying to through me off.

So I looked at it on right side normal eyes and asked why don’t you sit down since I was and it sat too so it’s sociable, I tried seeing one of the ransoms reflection in my obsidian mirror befor and couldn’t then ask what is it and in energy wires the picture of a fly appeared. I figured that ment one of B’s many eyes just making sure I’m ok and didn’t mind that thought.