Exercises for Soul Travel

Eye, this was fantastic advice! Really resonated with me, because the first time I remember actually projecting, I had accidentally rolled out of my body while sleeping.

So this morning I woke up early, and thankfully had the presence of mind to remember this thread. I began a combination of the exercise you mentioned, as well as the rope pulling technique. Pressure started building in my head, but I determined to work through it. At some point, I found myself rolling out of my body in the direction I was facing!

The only problem is, out of the three godlike powers, soul travel is the one I have least experience and knowledge of, so I’m not sure if I’m just lucid dreaming, or if I’ve actually left my body.

My room tends to look the same, but I avoid looking at myself in my mirror because I’m deformed and creepy looking. I tend to feel a sucking sensation like a powerful wind is pushing me back, but this occurs during times I know I’m lucid dreaming as well.

I tried drawing sigils for the first time, and the sigils themselves came to life as soon as I made them, which was cool. No spirit presented itself before me, though. I tried to summon a friend of mine to me, as well as visualize a spirit into existence, but neither worked. I changed tactics and tried to manipulate my own “body”, and was quite successful in giving myself some wicked looking claws. So I can manipulate my own form, but not my surroundings.

Like I mentioned, my room and house tends to look the same, but as soon as I float out and look at my neighborhood, things are “off”. For instance, everything is where it’s supposed to be, but the weather may be different. This leads me to believe I might just be dreaming, but hell if I know what goes on in an astral realm.

TL;DR: is there a way to tell the difference between a dream and actual projection?

Thanks again Eye, even if I didn’t manage to project, the control I had in my dream is improving, as well as my conscious awareness while sleeping.

Had a projection last night as well. When I left my body, I tried calling for Azazel. Immediately found myself floating around in some sort of dark chamber, being pulled this way and that by some kind of energy. There was dust whirling around me, being blown by the wind and a circle of light directly above me. I kept being drawn to it, but as soon as a I got to it, off I went in another direction. Frustrating as I wanted to go through or into it. No appearance of Azazel.

@blacklamb: When you exit your physical body, calm yourself and take a ‘reality check’. If it is a projection, rather than a dream, your thoughts should be just as clear as they are during physical consciousness. If you are in an astral environment where there are ‘physical objects’ (walls, tables, statues, whatever) go over to them and inspect and touch them. Your vision and sense of touch and thoughts going through your mind should leave you in no doubt that this is no ordinary dream…that the whole essence of your being is actually there, and not in your physical body back in the physical world. If there is water, have a drink. In short, during a projection you can touch, taste, see, hear and consciously think with the same clarity as you can during waking hours.

In the Occult tradition I come from, LD and OBE are the same experience. However, in an OBE, you can interact and gather informations from the reality more accurately than in a LD.

However, with sufficient Control, a lucid dreamer can interact with reality at a certain point of his Mastery.

I’m sure it is a subjective perspective but I’ve found it very useful to explore what the creator of www.obe4u.com call “the phase”.

Trouble with Michael Raduga from “The Phase” method is that he does not believe in astral projection and claim that everything only happens in one’s mind

Fuck Raduga.

He dosent believe in astral but his method works. Its all that matter for me.

In his forum there is a section about “is astral existing or is it all in your mind”. The funny thing is that some guys relates paranormal action through “the phase” experience, such as healing relatives.

So no matter if it is all in the mind or if astral world exist if it is an experience allowing to interact with occult world.

You can consider it as the TGS state : some tell you it allows to communicate with Spirits, others that it is all in your mind.
Who is right?
Who is wrong ?

Considering What EA call the Law of certainty, What my occult tradition call “the law of Expectation”, if you feel you are in astral you will be. If you are sure deep in your gutts you are in a LD you wont be able to interact with reality.

Does it help ?

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I agree with you I was just playing devil’s advocate

Thank you for the info, AcidKing. I don’t know why, but I’ve never thought to pick something tangible up during these experiences. Probably just assumed I wouldn’t be able to interact with anything. Hopefully I’ll have the mind about me to stop and evaluate how I’m feeling, or maybe even go explore the house instead of flying out asap.

Glas’ yos did a good work. He appeared as a tiny humanoid very quick to answer and very willing to act.
As soon as I asked him to heal my father’s depression, he jumped and leave the place.

Yesterday I’ve called my Father. He told me he felt better. The trauma of the stroke seem to “fade away” he told me.

I am very satisfied.


I’m very happy for your father :slight_smile:

I’ve got some questions if you dont mind, Darkgalaad :

a) where does that spirit come from ?
b) why did you pick up that spirit and not RAPHAEL for instance ?

c) how do you adapt Raduga’s technique to AP ? Do you set the timer in the middle of the night and when it goes off you try to roll or do you apply the full Raduga’s technique (going to bed, waking up few hours later, back to bed, then wake up every 2h and perform indirect technique) ? I struggle a bit with his techniques so thanks for your help !

Cheers !

The Eye

For your questions :

a) Glas’Yos is a Demon described in the Mastering Evocation:Omnipotence Companion Workbook, going along the Mastering Evocation Course on line.

b) I suppose I could ! It’s just that Glas’Yos is known to be " able to alleviate depression, paranoia, anxiety, and many other psychological impediments"
Just what I needed !

c) My method is simple : I don’t use any timer ! During the night, when I wake up naturally, I try to not move physically, but I imagine I move with my astral body. In fact, I imagine I’m swinging in the bed. After 5-20 seconds, I feel a real movement. There, I roll out of my body.
I am in astral. I touch the floor and the wall to clear my sight, and then I go to the living room where there is an astral mirror : there, I begin the Evocation.

You see, I don’t use any timer so that it doesn’t break my sleep : I wake up naturally during the night. So that I am very loose. There, it is not so difficult to go out of body.
And here is the secret :



It works almost everytime for me.

With this technique, you can have 1, 2, 3 or more OBE during one single night.

Awsome ! Thanks a lot for sharing. I’m gonna try this way without timer and keep that thread updated. Thanks again !

You are welcome. We are, after all, on the same boat !

Yes we are !
I wish a quick recovery to your father !

Getting used to wake up without moving/opening the eyes AND remembering to do the indirect technique ain’t easy for sure.

Gonna need couple of days to do it I think.

Even if you move or open the eyes, you should try the method. It’s better to not move but it is not essential.

Some update about last night OBE :


What you can do or cannot do during OBE is directly linked to your level of Lifeforce.
When you use Galantamine to induce OBE, your Control is weaker because you dońt always have the “juice” to do whatever you want.
If you use energy work you will find a more lucid and pleasable experience.

It is also why you can’t astral project everynight unless you have a great amount of energy. If not, your experience will become blurrer and weaker night after night.

Thanks for your post.

I’ve decided to stop taking Galantamine (I used to take it once a week only) because this leads to unstable and chaotic xp

My best OBEs were spontaneous one, where I could stay longer in the astral realms and journey.

I’ve yet to succeed APing when waking up in the middle of the night, but I’m still working on it.

Being lucidly aware in the astral is kind of a drug. It is difficult not to wanna go back again once you’ve been there and know what is it like to project.

Aren’t some people able to AP every day ?

Indeed !

Some are very gifted and they don’t have much effort to do to project.

Others, with training and energy / occult work, begin to experience spontaneous OBE.

Others have to work gradually on OBE, learning the subtil balance between focus and relaxation, learning how to enhance energy flow, and learning to project at will.

There is a lot of tricks you can do to enhance your Lifeforce. It can be simple materialistic things as enough sleep, healthy food, exercising …
Or things as meditation, QI Gong, Tai chi, and other ways …
Mine is Vampirism. This is the way I have been trained since 10 years.

Once you begin to work on energy, and begin to have OBE, you can have more and more … because your ability to store Lifeforce grow as well …

Your “resume” is pretty interesting. For how long have you been APing ?
And btw, if I may ask, some interesting evocation in the astral since last time we posted here ?

I dont smoke, dont drink, eat very healthy, and do between 7h and 10h sport every week. I shouldnt be that bad when it comes to life force :slight_smile:

Last question : how do you deal with physical plane ? After my APs, I find tough and boring to come back in this mundane world :’(