Exercise from An Exorcist's Handbook

Ok Iam not sure if this goes here but thats what I feel. 1 year ago I happen to find the book titled: An Exorcist’s Handbook. Well you all get the idea of what it deals with but something got my eye. It was a visulization technique.Its called Journey to the abyss and the vision of the Barakiel. I was unable to perform this for myself since at the time I had problem with my visualization and blocked 3rd eye. So I tested it in one of my old students :3

Well all went well and my student fell on a trance which he ended in the place which the meditation was telling. When He was walking through the abyss with 2 Guardians (Sandalphon) he became extremely terified while in deep tgs! He started to quiver and cry. When He entered the palace of the 12 Barakiel Angels he started to have spasms and something similar to epilepsy.

We tried to wake him but nothing happend. I could feel a definite force surounding him which at the time I couldnt banish. He waked up after 5 mins or so telling me that he was judged by those entities and that he received their blessing through a thunderstrike.

What was unbeleivable is that when I measured him with a device for electricity and magnetic fields he was righjt off the bat! And we were in a remote location in my ritual chamber where nothing electrical exist in a radius of 2 kilometers.

For the next 10 days he had vivid visions and travels and he spoke to several entities which taught him many great things ranging from astral traveling to construction of gateways and spirit communication which previously did not knew. Anyway I posted this to give you some insight on the exercise and what can it do for the practitioner. If anyone wants to know about the exercise Id be more than happy to provide it :smiley:


I want to find this book - cant find it.

It’s available on Amazon.co.uk.

Please read this article by the author if you mean a free download: [url=http://josephinemccarthy.com/2014/05/25/giving-and-stealing-finding-a-balance-for-occult-authors/]http://josephinemccarthy.com/2014/05/25/giving-and-stealing-finding-a-balance-for-occult-authors/[/url]

I can’t understand exactly what visionary magic is.I mean you play a scene in your mind acting like is real or it’s pure astral travel?

From my understanding its something like guided meditation. You play in your mental screen the scene of the book which later on while you use your active imagination it becomes some short of a gateway. If you try it you will see that the vision is going to become quite profound and real at the same time. At least that is what people experienced from this exercise told me. Recently I tried it to and the results were amazing!


You see your self from a third person view like a camera or through your own eyes?Sorry for the questions but this stuff seems interesting and i want to try it.

Yes they are and sorry for the late reply dron. Actually both!!! At first you see yourself from a 1st person view until you gain control of your breathing and vision then sometimes like for example when you are about to enter the Great Hall you see for a brief momment yourself in a 3rd person view. Really that was something that suprised me when I actually done it because as I said at the time I could not even visualize yet I saw such a magnificent vision :smiley:


Im going to start her course I think.


I was trying to connect with the Barakiel and that name wasn’t working for me,soI decided to go the Greek route and use the name ‘‘ΒΑΡΑΧΙΗΛ’’ (VARAHEEL).
My brain and my spine were thunderbolted big time.Fortunaly i’ve donne a lot of energy work the past months and it didn’t knocked me down,but it was a little painful for my head.They govern lightning and caling them is like invoking it inside your brain.Other entities will maniferst their power through the chakras but with the Barakiel it wans’t the same

This sounds interesting.
Would you mind sharing the exercise?

Ahhh Barakiel, I like them. Every time I have worked with them in the past they have always given me more than I asked for.

Josephine McCarthy has a set of books meant to train people in visionary magic and using the imagination to project into the liminal worlds. Awesome to see someone working though them as I feel that they are VERY under rated.

Great job Baskerville!

So I’ll ask again,
How does one come into contact with these beings?
I’m especially interested in the visualization as I have been using visualized meditation to connect with Lucifer lately.
Which weirdly enough I saw a myself standing next to well…myself and one of me became a dragon and devoured the other.


MK are you asking ‘‘Barskvilles dog’’ or me?I think the OP can’t post the visionary exercise from the book due to copyright issues.As for me, i did an invocation the usual way i’m doing it with other entities.

I would prefer the visualization but if you have a way of invoking these beings I’d be more than happy to hear it.

Hey any of you willing to perform exorcism? I also got the book and been trying to look for an exorcist for spirit attachments. This is urgent situation

Hello, would you be willing to perform exercise from the book for exorcism? I’m looking for exorcist and willing to pay if your down to do exorcism service.

This is a very delicate matter and if you are willing to take things that far after confirmation then you should seek help from a professional magician on the scene and preferably one near the subject of your exorcism.

The thing is i dont know of any practioners around me. I’ve been looking its hard finding someone doing this. I would do the exercises from the book myself but finding it hard to do the visualizations. If you know anybody please let me know

Ian willing to learn this excersise special it’s coming from the gods it’s self bless you

Yeah pm me to know how its done. Thanks