Excited and curious Newbie

Hello Likeminds,
I hope this finds you all in the place you are wanting to be in.
I’m new to this type of forum so please allow me to nervously ramble. I love history and magic, into sumer at the moment, so have never been happy with the term demon. All deities are both good and bad so how can one group of people call them evil. They may have a naughty side like us all, no exceptions. Anyways, I cannot wait to tap into the wealth of knowledge that is here and hopefully make a few friends along the way. I’m from the UK and would love to start learning how to work with the most ancient deities.
Would always appreciate a hi as starting something new is always a bit nerve racking.
Chocks away and a stiff upper lip an all that guff.


Hello @Chris1. Welcome to BALG. I hope with hard work, dedication, and patience your ascent goes smoothly. :slight_smile:

Hi ShannonS101,
Thank you, I really appreciate it. How are you and how long have you been on here ?
I have been researching and meditating, it should be a fun journey. A bit later I shall be reading some of the conversations to answer my questions on starting, then what I can’t find I will ask the forum for help to point me in the right direction. I really don’t want to bug people with questions they have already answered

Hello Chris1, welcome. I definitely agree that saying angels = good and demons = bad is rather inaccurate, for many reasons, but I do find the terms to be useful as they are different types of beings, in my experience.

One way to think about it is to consider the material world as a business of sorts. Demons are closer to us in the material than angels, and they can be thought of as the workers and managers in the business. In my system, I would consider Lucifer to be the CEO, with other high-ranking demons sitting on the Executive Suit. They run the show, and they have many demons in their legion beneath them that help in various ways, depending upon their specialty.

Angels, on the other hand, are like outside consultants, and archangels like the board of directors. They are further away from us in the material and closer to the All-Source, so they aren’t as involved with the actual running of the material. However, their perspective and wisdom allows them to provide very useful information to the demons that helps them run things more effectively. The archangels on the Board help provide balance to the decision-making, and can use their own power to help things along rather grandly.

Best wishes on your magickal journey :v:

Hi Shinri,
Thank you so much for such an amazing explanation. That makes total sense and I have to say I cannot disagree with a single word. I feel bad with my weak reply. Really appreciate it thanks again.