Excerpts from a book

Hi Magi,
Below is some text from a book. After reading it several times I had a strong itching :stuck_out_tongue: to share it on the forum so that others can also benefit from it :slight_smile:

Book is Clairvoyance and Occult Powers by Swami Panchadasi on Page no 36.

A little more purpose is displayed in that class of phenomena in which
we intently wish that a certain person shall do a certain thing, and lo!
we soon learn that that certain person has done it. A number of years
ago, a popular writer wrote an article in which he mentioned what
seemed to him to be a curious instance of some form of mental
influence or telepathy. He said that he had found out that if he would
sit down and carefully write a letter to some person from whom he
had not heard for a long time, and then destroy the letter instead of
sending it, he would be almost certain to receive a letter from that
person within a few days. He did not attempt to account for the
phenomenon, he merely called the attention of his readers to it. Many
persons have followed the suggestion, often with very wonderful
results. There is nothing miraculous, or supernatural about such
occurrences. It is merely one phase of telepathy. The concentrated
thought of the writer of the letter is directed toward the other person,
and that person begins to think of the first one; then he thinks he will
write to him; then he actually does write. Distance, space, and
direction have no importance in this experiment—it is not necessary to
even know where the second person is, in fact.

Hope it’s helpful. It’s called Letter of Intent BTW :wink:


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