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[b][url=https://www.facebook.com/timothyofficially/posts/1425505714129770:0]Excerpt of BLACK MAGICK: THE LEFT HAND PATH by TIMOTHY[/url][/b]

Officially available on December 29th at http://balg.co/bm

Chapter VII

The term satan means adversary in Hebrew, and defines the ethic of satanism itself, adversarialism. It comprises antiauthoritarianism, and denotes rebellion against tyranny, revolt against oppression, emancipation from slavery, liberation from repression, and tribal apostasy in general. In this sense, satanism has become synonymous with political anarchism and rational atheism, as both champion ethical opposition to coercive, involuntary authority. The cardinal color of satanism is scarlet or red, in that it iconifies the willingness to shed blood for ascent. As an aside, satanism does not innately require gothic makeup, horror movies, or black metal music, although those cultural tropes tend to surround the ideology for better or worse—moreso for worse, as those motifs have turned into stigmas that trivialize and pigeonhole the ingenious philosophy as a novelty for angsty youngsters.

The first notoriously satanic philosopher of the modern age, Friedrich Nietzsche—a mantle seconded only by fellow Germans Max Stirner and Arthur Schopenhauer—championed adversity as his supreme virtue. He penned his classic motto in Twilight of the Idols, “From life’s school or war—what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” Nietzsche calculated psychological greatness in an individual as the amount of opposing force that the ego can overpower to preserve freedom. In Zarathustra, he defined it:

“How is freedom measured in individuals […] By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort which it costs to retain superiority.”

The school of thought that Nietzsche welded together mirrors that of the Left Hand Path, particularly satanism, in such a way that they seem apparently indistinguishable—although under exact comparative analysis, they are not in fact perfectly symmetrical. Moreover, he referred to his own irreverent shotgun literary style as “philosophizing with a hammer.” Page after page he shatters the glass shrines, false idols, and stone fallacies of everything from Christianity and Buddhism, to psychology and philosophy, to tribal nationalism.

Left Hand Path : Friedrich Nietzsche
Godhood : Übermensch
Ascent : Will to Power
Adversarialism : Resistance
Individuality : Egoism

Adversarialism as an ethic is grounded in self-defense to attain peace in order to ascend to Godhood, therefore empathy sits at the heart of satanism; to cite it in the manner of Nietzsche, the individual egoist overcomes adversity by the will to power and thereby becomes Übermensch, ergo freedom is central to his philosophy. All in all, satanism consists of a twofold magickal praxeology:

  1. Possession: to inherit the virtue of a satanic spirit
  2. Execration: to curse, exorcise, or vampirize an enemy

The notion of possession terrifies the unenlightened, and poses a credible danger to hasty, incautious fools. Notwithstanding, a satanist can indeed undertake possession safely and lovingly, as long as they partner with an honorable spirit…

…Study more of Black Magick: The Left Hand Path by Timothy on December 29th at http://balg.co/bm

According to the jos site, Satan means ‘Truth’ in Sanskrit and ‘adversary’ in Hebrew. Just curious as to why the judeo/Christians would call ‘Truth’ their enemy.

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You basically just answered your own question right there! Because they hate the truth, they bathe in lies.


this post was fucking amazing…
Nietzsche would have taken notice outstanding scholastic,literary usage of historical and philosophical application…cant wait till that book comes out

Jos; though I like it, has alot of info- so much so they appear to hope that people will notdo their own research and accept some things which are phenominally in error. keep a pocket full of salt when reading what they have.

@jbkbmz - because they don’t know a thing about their own beliefs. they don’t take the time to look in to the origins of their beliefs; they seem averse to research.

So if I want to buy multiple copies of Timothy’s new book and keep one for myself and give one as a gift, will there be an option to buy just the book and NOT have the video course that comes with it?

I don’t know, I’m guessing the best thing is to contact https://becomealivinggod.zendesk.com/ either now or a bit closer to the date when things are finalised, and ask them - they should know all the details.

Latest from Timothy on Facebook:

"I Have Completed A Monumental Mission That No One Else Has Ever Done." — Timothy

Watch full video of Timothy where he expounds on his upcoming 413-page tour de force, “Black Magick: The Left Hand Path.” » http://balg.co/bm


Welcome, co-creator of Become A Living God here, Timothy. I have authored the upcoming “Black Magick: The Left Hand Path” only available in limited edition for pre-order on the 28th at http://balg.co/bm

This tour de force illuminates the Left Hand Path in a truly original and definitive way. Quite literally, nothing like this has ever existed before now, because it completes a monumental mission that no one else ever has.


Specifically, I ground the timeless principles of black magick in secular philosophy rather than the manmade fables of Judeo-Christian religion. In other words, I curse and expel the absurd antiquated beliefs of the Abrahamic desert faiths, and instead utilize the freethought of two millennia of human geniuses. For example:

• The French existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre
• The German adversarialism of Friedrich Nietzsche
• The egoism and individualist anarchism of Max Stirner
• The Greek heresy of the Presocratics like Heraclitus & Xenophanes
• And many more like Ludwig Feuerbach, Aristotle, etc.

I identify for you precisely how the Left Hand Path is truly based in the eccentric lineage of the most revolutionary and radical philosophers, and not in creepy monotheistic make-believe.


Why does this matter? It liberates us sorcerers from faith forever. It evolves the Left Hand Path into its next era, what I call the Age of Philosophy, and terminates the previous Age of Religion. It enables us to define the Left Hand Path clearly and simply on its own terms without old complicated Jewish or Qabbalistic or Christian or Gnostic fairytales, all of which had poisoned and polluted the purity of sorcery until now.

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote a remarkable book called The Gay Science, also known as The Joyful Science. In an aphorism entitled The Madman, his character declares, “God is dead, shall we not ourselves have to become gods.” In honor of the Nietzschean spirit, I myself have killed god; I hereby remove the Left Hand Path from religion, and ground it permanently in the wisdom of Western philosophy right now. Let the obsolete beliefs of cavemen and desert nomads fall into extinction.


How do we perform sorcery without religion? The same way we always have. We contact the astral egregores of deities when we wish to do so. That does not mean, however, that we ground our school of thought on religion. Exactly the opposite, the Left Hand Path is based in secular philosophy, and then we study mythology to employ the gods of a faith that we deem helpful to our cause. Black magick in and of itself, does not in any way require theism or faith in a religion. To the contrary, I espouse that genuine sorcery is innately atheistic, that humans invented religious deities, and over centuries of worship they turned into extremely potent astral egregores. I call this my Theory of Anthroprogeny.


In summary, the Left Hand Path as a school of thought defines itself by itself. It is the path of originality, path of eccentricity, path of individuality, path of freedom, path of power. And a line of rebellious philosophers, one generation after another, one century after another, one millennia after another, have carried the torch of heterodoxy all along. And that, dear friend, is what my tour de force, “Black Magick: The Left Hand Path,” only available in limited edition expounds for you in a very unique way. I invite you to sign up now for pre-order on the 28th, when you will receive a full 24 hours to order before anyone else, at http://balg.co/bm

That is all I have to say for now. I will probably post a video next week where I walk you chapter by chapter by chapter through the table of contents. And although I am an atheist, I have no problem wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Peace.

“I’m athiest!”

Do you believe in god?

No I’m athiest gods don’t exist!

What about spirits?

“Yeah sure, only if man created them though.”

Total non-sequitur, word salad mumbo jumbo. Where does Timothy get off claiming any experience in the occult whatsoever?

It does seem very…religiously atheistic.

When it comes to magick I would get rid of the word Athiest out of my vocabulary. This is because being an Athiest presupposes that you are in a State of Doubt, which isnt as useful. Anyway I just see it as another layer obstructing ones harmony with magick and spiritual forces. Surely there is a better word to use to keep a neutral belief in magick and spirituallity without polluting it. I do have a little respect for religious people that do believe in God as they can at least acknowledge the existence spirits exist… However that is as far as I take it.

So from what I can tell of the ads for Timothy's book and the BM course work, it looks like you can purchase the book separately from the BM course.  The early purchase for the book is on the 28th and the 29th for the video course work...or at least that what it seems.  Does that sound right?

I’m hoping we can get just E.A.'s video separate from the book.

Greetings y’all:
Kind of newby here. I just want to know if there is gonna be any information about the book; if it’s gonna be an ebook or a printed version as the badass pictures show?
I just want to also present my respects to every aspiring Magician that share their views and ideas about their Work and the results they have attained. Bless shall we all.

[quote=“Deirien Dairuth, post:16, topic:6517”]Greetings y’all:
Kind of newby here. I just want to know if there is gonna be any information about the book; if it’s gonna be an ebook or a printed version as the badass pictures show?
I just want to also present my respects to every aspiring Magician that share their views and ideas about their Work and the results they have attained. Bless shall we all.[/quote]

Yup, its gonna be a hardcopy version and hopefully later on it will be a ebook as well, but no word on that as of yet. I’m hoping that EA and Timothy do make it available as an ebook but again, that has yet to be announced if thats gonna happen or not.

Preorder link arrived as promised and placed my order immediately. Congrats Timothy. Looking forward to reading your work.

Anyone know about how much the book cost, just so I have an idea. I missed my window for early purchase.

Whats going on BALG, long time, no see. I was wondering if there is going to be a second print of this book? I wanted this book really bad, but i have to wake up at 3:30 in the morning for work, so i usually wait till i wake up in the morning to purchase book from become a living god. by the time i went to purchase my copy, it was already sold out. I know most of you are probably just as clueless as me, but thought i would ask anyway. Thank you