Excellent bit of gear

I don’t have a camera right now, but a while ago I bought an agate slice, very similar to the one below but in blacks and very dark greys:

It’s proving to be an excellent scrying mirror, and physical location (in place of a triangle) for spirits to manifest - for example, when I very first evoked Azi Dahaka, I did so by calling him into my presence above this base, which I’d bought as I moved more towards black magick and the LHP, and Belial locates himself in reference to it, so it’s become my demonic “arrivals lounge” kind of thing.

Because I don’t do GT-style evocation, the base is simply a visual and physical reference, and I’d gone shopping (not knowing what I was even looking for) for a tool specific to demonic work, and found this at the exact price of the cash I had left in my wallet that afternoon.

So I’m just posting about this as a possible multi-purpose tool idea, mine’s about 6 inches by about 5½ and they’re usually fairly cheap - I like to make my own tools for most things, but this looks attractive and the results of using it have been 100% on target.

Anyone else got any non-traditional tools that have really worked out?

(Btw, I know “it’s not the tools, it’s the magician” but they help, I view them as my allies in getting my will done, physical representations of my intent and beliefs, and as focal points for attention and concentration.)


This is another top bit of gear I own, that people might not think about when they set up their Temple:

Simple heavy-duty tri-fold exercise mat, they’re good as seats when folded into three, and make an acceptable “not quite rock-hard floor” when you’re doing anything that requires lying down.

I’ve had mine for years, identical to that piccie, and it was one of the best purchases I ever made, doubles up as an overnight guest bed as well.

Hey British mages - Sainsbury’s are selling a black granite “worktop protector” that looks like a pretty sweet addition to anyone’s Temple, for £14 - this is the link to the product online, I saw one in my local branch yesterday and it looked great - glossy polished on top, and the granite was slightly sparkly!

It’s 30cm by 40cm, so not the “doubled square” of my WoD-inspired altar, and £14 + £3.95 for delivery - I picked one up in the shop and it was HEAVY.

I pretty much have to have one of these babies, and just putting it out there in case anyone else is interested! :slight_smile:

THanks for that will give it a go.

Saying that my altar table cost £9.99 from Argos and is effectively made of card so it might collapse under the weight of it!

Sainsbury’s are still doing those black granite protectors, they also currently have grey slate (the roofing-tile kind) placemats, 2 for £10 and they’re about 8ins x 10, again that’s metamorphic rock so perfect for a WoD-style altar & also really attractive, the edges look chipped or knapped instead of cut, and they have matching coasters, standard drinks-coaster size, 4 for £6, and a larger chopping board which has the word “Cheese” etched into the top (!) but the underside’s plain apart from having foam sticky feet you could easily remove, and that’s whatever the standard chopping board size is…

Just thought I’d share this because “stone altar” sounds daunting, but there’s actually a lot of accessible stuff out there that’s affordable and those coasters are really neat, I bought a pack and plan to engrave them and use them for permanent sigils.

Eva, the idea of using a stone altar is ancient and awesome, but like you said making a solid stone altar can be daunting and if you ever want to move it you need to hire a crane.

I have been using a black granite altar top for over 15 years and it is great. Back in my early my early 20s when I was getting balls deep into the GD system and constructing my personal temple items I looked around for a small granite or marble topped table but couldn’t find anything appropriate at a reasonable price. I went to a granite and marble place that specialized in bench tops and flooring, and found the perfect stone. It was black with speckles in it, an inch thick. I had the guys cut me a 50cm x 50cm slab, it cost me $30 at the time, and I have used it ever since as the top of what ever altar I use, sometimes even just on the ground.

It has some interesting properties which I have only discovered over the last 5 years. Besides being extremely heavy, it has a resonance like a bell if suspended and struck, it emits radiation slightly above background (I have a friend into nuclear energy who owns a radiation meter), and it attracts magnets like it has some steel in it.

It has a solidity and presence that you just don’t get from wood.

Alpha Scorpi, that altar is stunning!

On the topic of gear, tongs! Its really easy for new evocators to forget how HOT that brazier gets, learned it the hard way…bring tongs and stick style lighters.

That’s a beautiful stone. I took up prospecting this summer after watching one too many Gold Rush shows. Even briefly took a job at a marble counter shop to learn how to cut and polish stone. The secret is to add water once you hit the 400-600 grits.

Didn’t find anything of value, but I had lots of fun and adventures. Have a bunch of nice garnets. The clarity sucks, but the geometry cool. I don’t know what I’ll use them for, but I know it will be for something magical. Plus I have some sites lined up to explore next year during more appropriate seasons (not bug season).

Here is another interesting bit of kit I picked up from ebay a while ago.

These tuning forks are pretty awesome and the resonance is amazing. As I work a lot in the Qabalistic paradigm these have a lot of ritual use, Middle Pillar Exercise and Tarot consecrations to name a few. The kit contains 10 forks tuned to the 10 Sepharoth, one for Da’ath and one for the flaming sword. I use the two connecting Sepharoth forks for the paths. At the moment the Flaming Sword (called Genesis in the kit) seems to be a good all rounder and is appropriate to any type of manifestation work.

Although I dont know where the frequencies for each sphere have come from, I am going on the assumption that they are correct, I think most of us can agree that sound, frequency and resonance have a lot of practical occult applications.

I will be using these, if applicable, in as many working as I can from now on and see if they consistently help, hinder or do nothing for my rituals.

You can also get Chakra and Planetary kits.

So come on everyone, lets see your cool or interesting bits of gear.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, my main altar is a 1ft x 2ft piece of reddish slate, which is a perfect portable size - I posted about it when I first got it here. At the time it was going to be temporary, but it’s worked consistantly and also shown up in my dreams over and over, doing its job of quietly being my Altar, so it’s a permanent member of the gang now!

And it cost less than £10…

[quote=“Alpha Scorpii, post:9, topic:2831”]You can also get Chakra and Planetary kits.

So come on everyone, lets see your cool or interesting bits of gear.[/quote]

I had NO idea those even existed - wow, thank you.

And yes, please share, there’s so much great stuff that other we just don’t know even exists! :smiley:

Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ll have to give that tuning fork a try.

I have an obsidian pyramid I bought off eBay for about 5 bucks. I had used it for scrying and found this past Summer that it can be a great aid for physical manifestation. I have been working with it as a 3D Triangle of Manifestation and it is pretty cool to watch a demon project itself out of it and walk right up to the shot of whiskey I left for it.

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:2, topic:2831”]This is another top bit of gear I own, that people might not think about when they set up their Temple:

Simple heavy-duty tri-fold exercise mat, they’re good as seats when folded into three, and make an acceptable “not quite rock-hard floor” when you’re doing anything that requires lying down.

I’ve had mine for years, identical to that piccie, and it was one of the best purchases I ever made, doubles up as an overnight guest bed as well.[/quote]

Lady eva this post is quite weird I was just thinking about floor mats for an old ritual that requires to be on the floor. I have a tent sleeping bag mat so ill use that.

A few months ago I bought a job-lot of plastic heart-shaped rings off eBay, they come in various colours including orange, blue, white etc.

I’ve hand-engraved Runes and other symbols on the insides and outsides, according to the colour/planetary associations, filled the engravings in with enamel paint, and been wearing the appropriate ring when I need a little extra help with something.

I’ve also given a few to friends who are interested in magick, and they report good results, especially with the Mercury, Sol, and Jupiter rings.

Not everyone would be willing to use plastic but I liked the size and design, you can also find wooden and crystal rings and they can be enrgaved the same way - silver can be hand-engraved as well, if you want something a little longer-lasting.

I’m sharing because this is an affordable and accessible way to create a personal talismanic object, and also the fingers have planetary associations, so it helped emphasise those.

I’d put some photos up, but I don’t want anyone recognising me in the street… :wink:

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Random find:

The site is called Bound for Anything and they allow you to customise a book for just about any purpose. You can choose from several sizes and one of the smaller ones will fit a Field Notes size Midori-style cover.

More pictures, info, and links: https://thisbugslife.com/2016/06/13/build-your-own-notebook-what-a-genius-idea/

Although I doubt they have pages for “Demons To Summon” or “People To Smiteth” :o) this looks like it might be useful, if you ever need a journal created to a specific format to document a working. I love customisable stationery, and spend far too much at Vistaprint!

New and simple innovation that’s been working for me: I have long hair and seem to shed enormous amounts of it, which get wasted.

Mindful of this theory, that “the soul represents a non-local aspect of reality that retains patterns beyond ordinary 3D space and time – a person’s archetypal blueprint or, as psychology has termed it, one’s higher self” and aware of the many reports of transplanted organs carrying aspects of the donor’s personality with them, I began gathering this clean shed hair and forming it into flat pads like a kind of loose felt, and keeping my main pendulum (everyday multi-purpose tool & divinatory item) warpped inside this pad of hair.

The intention being, that since I don’t wear a pendulum necklace all the time (to keep it harmonised), the hair carries my “frequency” and acts as an onging charger.

It’s removed the occasional need to cleanse and program the pendulum (which is a plain bolt on a piece of string with a small Runic charm at the other end) and the pendulum feels much lighter, livelier, and “ready to go” than before.

I plan to sew a similar hair pad as a lining, like quilting, between two layers of fabric to make a bag for some other tools, because this seems to be having a better effect than keeping it on a purple agate stand (a fairly conventional crystal-healing method, purple agate is said to not need cleansing or charging very often) - it also finds a positive use for something that would otherwise be discarded.

Probably best to avoid doing this if working with Ahura Mazda, shed hair is considered unclean in Zoroastrianism and probably several other traditions, and obviously the hair you can collect might be harder to form into a pad with if you have very short hair.


I love this thread!!!

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There are so many great everyday things that can be useful in magick, and without paying too much! :slight_smile:

I actually removed a miniature Amy Winehouse from my vacuum cleaner brush head I shed so much hair from my mane…

It ate its way through the plastic at the sides and I had to replace the sides - I am NOT joking.

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I love this idea - really love this idea.

Bought this as an athame but it needs work to sharpen -

I have some agates which I’m working on turning into something…

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